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    Fleetmatics Forms National Partnership with IEC

    Posted 31 July 2015 by Emily Davis

    Electrical contractors across America will soon become substantially more “fleet-savvy” as the national trade association Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) announces a new partnership with Fleetmatics. Founded in 1957, IEC represents nearly 3,000 merit shop electrical and systems contractors in the U.S. across 54 chapters. The organization, which serves as the voice of the industry, aggressively promotes a competitive environment for the merit shop through the concepts of fre...

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  • How Baseball Became an American Pastime

    Posted 28 July 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Baseball has long been considered “America’s Pastime,” but how did it actually receive the historic title? While its popularity has been well documented since the early 1800s, the true origins of baseball remain a mystery, even to those who consider it their favorite sport. The Library of Congress says baseball seems to have its roots in an old English game called “rounders,” while others credit Abner Doubleday for inventing the sport.  Some say baseball was ...

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  • History of Baseball

    Posted 27 July 2015 by Lauren Wint

    As you might remember, we’ve partnered with Minor League Baseball™ for the 2015 season and baseball is often said to be America’s favorite pastime, so it makes sense to take a look back at the sport’s history. The memory lane bases are loaded, so read the time traveling text below and enjoy your next game equipped with some hindsight.   The olden days. Some people say that today's North American baseball stems from the older game rounders, which is popular overs...

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  • Fleet Management Tips to Save on Payroll

    Posted 24 July 2015 by Lauren Wint

    One of the largest line items on most corporate budgets is payroll. Although it’s an important and worthwhile expense, it makes sense to manage that expenditure and get the most bang for your buck. The below tips will help you to keep your payroll spend under control. Spend less time on payroll. Besides the cost of payroll, running your business takes enough of your focus. You don’t want to spend even more time and energy validating time sheet entries and unraveling payroll issues. W...

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  • Favorite Baseball Parks

    Posted 23 July 2015 by Lauren Wint

    There will always be baseball fans that take cross-country road trips to see the ivy vines at Wrigley Field or the Great Hall at Yankee Stadium, but in our opinion, some of America’s most beloved ballparks also belong to Minor League Baseball™ (MiLB™). From backdrops featuring gorgeous downtown skylines to rich architectural designs, a number of MiLB ballparks rival those of their Major League affiliates. While all of the MiLB ballparks have their own charm, below is a list of...

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  • Fleetmatics and ClickSoftware to Host Webinar

    Posted 22 July 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Fleetmatics and ClickSoftware to Host Enterprise Class GPS Tracking and Workforce Management Webinar Moderated by Automotive Fleet

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  • Three Tips for Fleet Managers

    Posted 21 July 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Fleet managers are often faced with many things to do, and not much time to do them. These tips below will help you to understand how fleet management solutions can help to get the job done.  Maximize employee efficiency. Everyone is busy these days, including your employees. That’s why it’s important to empower them to be as productive and efficient as possible. Field service management solutions like Fleetmatics WORK® allow fleet managers to sort the schedule and assign j...

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  • Fleetmatics Partners with Minor League Baseball

    Posted 20 July 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Fleetmatics Partners with Minor League Baseball to Bring Performance-Enhancing Solutions to Local Small Businesses Across the Country
    Fleetmatics to help SMBs drive home results as the Official Fleet Tracking Software of MiLB

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  • The Wackiest Minor League Baseball Menus in 2015

    Posted 14 July 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Minor League Baseball™ (MiLB™) offers some of the wackiest food items at the concession stands. Starting every year in April, 120 different teams – each affiliates of the 30 Major League organizations – take the field to play ball. This summer, set your sights on these unique treats. In 2014, fans voted for the BlueClaws’ delicious crab cake as the MiLB favorite on the wackiest menu over artery-clogging items like the grilled cheese hot dog, but in 2015, there are ...

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  • The Benefits of Hosting a Webinar for Business

    Posted 10 July 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Webinars are common in many varying industries, but how do you decide if you should host one of these remote meetings? The tips below will help you to make an informed decision for your business. Establish credibility. Webinars are a great opportunity to share what you know about a given topic. This way, when people think about that topic, they’ll think of your brand and associate your brand with that subject matter. Additionally, webinars can help companies to be seen as a resource for i...

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