• Engaged Employees

    Keeping Employee Enthusiasm Up

    Posted 01 October 2015 by Lauren Wint

    It’s easy to lose sight of employee enthusiasm while focusing on other things like business goals and the day-to-day tasks of running a business. However, the employee enthusiasm can impact both the office’s culture and level of productivity. Here are three ways to keep the enthusiasm up.  Keep employees engaged. This simple approach can make a difference in the enthusiasm around the office. Employee engagement is designed to make sure that employees are dedicated to the busine...

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  • Paperless Office

    A Paperless Office for Your Small Business

    Posted 25 September 2015 by Phillip Ebersole

    Going paperless refers to switching to a means of communication, documentation, etc., that does not include using of paper because documents that would otherwise be printed and stored in file cabinets are stored in the Cloud. How do you know if this initiative is for your small business? Read the tips below to help you can make an informed decision. Anytime access. If you need a document, you don’t have to drive back to the office, look through some cabinet folders, and locate the document...

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  • Customer Service Reps

    Three Customer Service Success Tips

    Posted 23 September 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Customer service is a key part of any business’ success. However, with the hustle and bustle of daily tasks, this essential function can easily slip through the cracks. Below are three tips to help keep your customer service efforts in top shape.  Adequate training. Anyone who comes in contact with customers needs to be an expert on the product or service that your business offers. This is where proper training comes in. Take the time to make sure all customer service representatives...

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  • Business Dashboard Review

    The Dashboard Difference

    Posted 22 September 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Managing a business is no easy task, but workforce management solutions can help. More specifically, dashboards, which are a feature in some solutions, can make an impact on how you manage your business. Below are some thought starters to consider as you think about workforce management solutions. Quantifiable measurement. Consider going beyond simply looking at hours and miles. Workforce management solutions can help to paint a picture about where money is being wasted on engine hours, overtim...

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  • Schedule Management Time Savings

    Ways to Manage Time More Effectively

    Posted 21 September 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Do you ever get the feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day? Unsurprisingly, you aren’t alone. Between managing schedules, email and to-do lists, many people feel overwhelmed as they try to navigate their way through the work day. However, managing time doesn’t always have to feel like a rat race. That’s why we’ve uncovered the best ways to manage your time effectively.  Create a strategic schedule. For starters, set aside 10 to 15 minutes each morni...

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  • Millennials in Business

    Embracing the Millennials in Your Business

    Posted 15 September 2015 by Phillip Ebersole

    In today’s day and age, Millennials offer a diverse and strategic mindset to routine business models. With a large presence in the labor pool, here are some of the best ways to welcome Millennials with open arms. Provide work-life balance: Work-life balance stood is often one of the top issues of importance to millennial workers. Technology offers the ability to alter where, when and how Millennials work. They are staying connected and often check work email after hours. Due to the abilit...

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  • Developer Conference

    Kicking off the Fleetmatics Dev Conference

    Posted 28 August 2015 by Emily Davis

    Fleetmatics kicks off its fifth annual Product Development Conference today in Dublin, Ireland.  The Development Conference was created to recognize the remarkable contributions our developers make to the company, our customers and the industry as a whole. We’ve come a long way from the early days in our first office – a tiny space above an off license (liquor store) and next to a pub. Fleetmatics has always been at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions and our deve...

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  • Revenue Boost

    A Revenue Boost

    Posted 27 August 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Revenue in a slump? Need a quick boost? Work to keep your revenue high and tight. Building revenue is really a game of inches. If you are not batting a thousand and things are looking a little inadequate, it’s time for a performance boost. Try to eliminate unnecessary costs and improve your bottom line by monitoring critical information. Workforce management solutions can reveal how to reduce fuel costs by providing insights into each one of your truck’s speeds, idling times, routing...

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  • Business Operations

    Lower Your Operational Costs

    Posted 27 August 2015 by Lauren Wint

    Getting lit up by operational costs? Bring in a relief specialist to boost performance. Keep a daily scorecard for your business. You know the right matchups are key when the game’s on the line. But nailing down your operational costs can be harder than catching a wind-blown pop-up. That’s why there are workforce management solutions, providing visibility into your vehicles’ locations, fuel usage, speed, mileage and other insights into driver behavior.  These solutions can...

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  • Workforce Management Solutions

    The Benefits of Workforce Management Solutions

    Posted 19 August 2015 by Lauren Wint

    It’s not easy running a business. It’s important to stay on top of time sheets, fuel costs and driving habits. When considering workforce management solutions, keep these benefits in mind.  Automated time sheets. With this benefit, you can see the drivers’ actual hours worked, start and finish times, average daily hours and weekly totals. This helps you to better detect excessive overtime hours, eliminate prolonged stop times, and reduce unnecessary overtime. For example,...

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