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FleetMatics Introduces Customer Connect

Share Your StoryFleetMatics has introduced a whole new way for our customers to get the most out of using our GPS fleet tracking system, and it's coming straight from…our customers.

FleetMatics customers now have the opportunity to learn from their peers by sharing how they use GPS tracking and what successes they've experienced by using our system.

Each month, we will be providing a question for our customers to answer. They will then have the opportunity to see what other FleetMatics users are saying and ask questions about their experiences.

All of these stories, comments, and questions are posted in our new Customer Connect Center.

By sharing and reading each others' success stories, our customers will be able to learn new ways of using our software, as well as network with business owners and fleet managers with similar challenges.

This month’s question is: What is the most cost-saving benefit you've discovered since installing FleetMatics on your fleet?

Response has been great so far. Some snippets:

“FleetMatics has saved us over $1,000 per month in vehicle expenses that we never even knew we had.”

“At insurance renewal time, our provider came to us with the usual annual increase. We gave them a copy of the FleetMatics reports and asked them consider what we had accomplished and to reconsider their risks with our company. The following week they came back to us with a decrease in premiums.”

"We found that one of our plumbers was taking his truck on the weekends and doing scab jobs with our materials!"


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