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Four More Movies That Could Have Used GPS Tracking

On the UK blog, Andrew Mead took us through 4 movies that could have used GPS in some way.  Here are 4 more movies in which the main characters would have benefited from GPS tracking. GPS undoubtedly would have made the movies infinitely more dull… but think about how much easier it would have made it for the characters to have this kind of technology at their fingertips!

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle Harold and Kumar go to White Castle with GPS Tracking

Now here is a movie that could have used an Optimal Routing feature. Harold and Kumar are two friends who have essentially one item on their shared agenda: get to White Castle. With GPS tracking, any two idiots could have easily plugged in the address to the restaurant and found the optimal route. You know, instead of getting attacked by a raccoon, picking up hitchhiker Neil Patrick Harris and eventually getting arrested.

Jurassic Park

In Jurassic Park, somebody gave too much power to scheming Dennis Nedry (A.K.A. Newman from Seinfeld). Nedry was in the process of double-crossing dino-theme-park-creator John Hammond by selling dinosaur embryos to a competitor. He had to deactivate the park’s security to gain access to the embryos and then rush across the island to put them on the last boat to the mainland. While driving, he gets lost on the way to the dock. He ends up getting attacked by a dinosaur when he is outside his car, disoriented from the combination of winding roads and rain. If only he had Garmin integration in his vehicle, he would have been able to find the marina and complete his sabotage. Though that also would have been devastating for John Hammond’s theme park, at least he would have been able to get the security system back on—as he was the only one who knew how to reboot the system.


Despite the fact that this entire movie is a work of imagination, think of how helpful GPS tracking could have been in the search to find kidnapped baby Toby. Sarah and the crew could have used Google Maps integration to check out the street view of the labyrinth. Though the optimal route would have still been a winding trek, at least street view could have given them a heads up to what to expect.  It could have prevented them from ending up in the Bog of Eternal Stench- or at least given them the directions to get out of there ASAP!

The Perfect Storm

In The Perfect Storm, Captain Billy Tyne, Jr. makes the call to sail on to the mainland after the on-board ice machine breaks. The crew knows there is a storm approaching, but without an ice machine their catch of the day is worthless. They decide to make the trek back to shore and gravely underestimate the storm ahead. The storm eventually leads to the boat sinking and the entire crew going down with the ship. If the Andrea Gail had GPS tracking, they would have been able to check on the weather via Google Map integration. The Google API allows Fleetmatics users to easily check on weather and traffic conditions from Live Fleet. If they had seen the two storms about to collide right in their path, perhaps the fishing boat and crew could have avoided the storm and thus been saved.

What other movies could have used GPS tracking to save lives or at least a headache for the main character?

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