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How to Get More Business with GPS Tracking

We didn’t just make up “competitive advantage” as one of the benefits of having a GPS tracking system; we hear it straight from our customers every day. We often hear stories from our customers about how they have won business because they use GPS tracking and their competitors don’t. There are a few key reasons why your potential customers would choose a company that uses GPS tracking over a company that doesn’t.

Proof of Service

“Our bill is for eight hours of work and I think your employee was only on our site for four hours.” Sound familiar? No one wants to be overbilled and feel like they’re being taken advantage of, so you can’t blame the customers who call in and make such claims. However, with GPS tracking, you and your customers can avoid the blame game because you can provide reliable proof of the service, including the time your employee arrived and left the job site. Now, rather than relying on hearsay and basically having an employee work for free, you can clear up the confusion with the click of a button. You can rest easy knowing you billed for the right amount and your customer will appreciate the accuracy and service and, most likely, will use your service again (and recommend you to friends and colleagues).

Shorter Service Windows

“We’ll have a technician out to you between the hours of 8am and 3pm.” Come again? Is that information really helpful to anyone? Show of hands… No one? We didn’t think so. If you are still giving your customers that kind of wide time window for ETAs, chances are they’re in the process of looking for a competitor that has a GPS tracking system installed in their fleet. When you have GPS tracking, your customers appreciate the fact that they can get up-to-the-minute updates of where your employee is and what time they can expect him to be at their location. Rather than giving the prospective customer a seven hour window, you will win more business by having the ability to say, “We have a tech in the area currently finishing up a job, he can be there in 30-45 minutes with traffic.”

Faster Emergency Response

The customer is also much more likely to choose a company that is dispatching their employees as efficiently as possible, especially in the case of an emergency. If a customer calls in and you need to call each of your drivers to find out their current locations, what jobs they still need to do, have that information communicated to dispatch and, finally, give the customer some type of estimate as to when you can get a tech out to them, chances are that customer is already on the phone with a competitor. Not just any competitor… a competitor that has GPS tracking, can pull up a live map of all their vehicles within seconds, and simply say, “I have a tech 15 miles away and he can be there within 30 minutes.” Word of that kind of service spreads quickly and the company with GPS tracking is winning business left and right. Also, by integrating Garmin units with the system, your drivers can get immediate notification of job status, accurate ETAs to the next job site, and turn-by-turn directions to ensure they get to the location as quickly and safely as possible. In the event of an emergency, a prospective customer is sure to go with a company that can get there the fastest.

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