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Google Roadwork Alerts: Dodge Traffic Delays with Real Time Updates

When is the shortest route NOT actually the shortest route? When only one lane of traffic is open, or roadwork is closing the exit ramp your driver needs. Customers don’t want to hear you were late because of roadwork, and traffic delays also cost you valuable time on the clock that is spent behind the windshield, not on the job.  On top of that, nobody wants to listen to that traffic reporter in Chopper 7 all day just to keep things running smoothly.

We’ve recently rolled out a new feature called Roadwork Alerts, which make you the real-time traffic and construction expert. Now it’s easy for dispatchers and supervisors to help drivers dodge traffic delays and improve ETA accuracy. With our traffic layer turned on, you can now see icons specific to events like lane closures, active construction sites, and even disabled vehicles. This is real-time information from Google that will help you make service more predictable and more cost-effective.

It’s also another example of Google’s commitment to continual innovation, and how our customers reap the benefits. So long, Chopper 7.





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