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6 Things Burns Pest Elimination Loves About Fleetmatics Fleet Tracking

Sage Garvey of Burns Pest Elimination has tried at least six different GPS tracking products over the past 10 years. Fleet tracking is a necessity to control the company’s 161-vehicle fleet. When Garvey stumbled upon Fleetmatics’ system, Garvey knew he had found the one.

In April, Burns Pest Elimination was named Fleetmatics’ Customer of the Month. Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Fleetmatics’ customer support staff was helpful during implementation of the entire fleet in three days. “She knew exactly how many trucks we were going to install the system in,” Garvey recalls. “She didn’t waste my time. That was important.” Quick implementation should be a priority when shopping around for fleet tracking providers.
  2. His technicians are driving safer. The Fleetmatics solution has helped cut back on hard breaks and quick starts. Harsh breaking, jackrabbit starts, and aggressive driving tactics are not only dangerous for your drivers, but also contribute to wearing down your vehicles. Cutting back on unsafe driving has reduced the average number of accidents from one every two months to one every six months, according to Garvey.
  3. Burns Pest Elimination was able to add three jobs per route. The company saved an estimated two hours a day per truck after the first four months. The additional three jobs per truck were added without having to dispatch another truck. “That’s just the result of less driving,” says Garvey.
  4. In the first month of tracking, Burns reduced fuel consumption by $11,000. That is roughly 3,000 gallons of fuel that were saved. Without fleet tracking, it is difficult for a company to see how much fuel is being wasted. Idling and unsafe driving tactics contribute to lower fuel economy.
  5. Garvey was able to reduce overtime costs by an estimated $2,000 to $3,000. Since Garvey is keeping an eye on employees’ driving habits, they are driving safer and smarter. They are also taking optimal routing into account, which explains the overtime savings.
  6. Burns Pest Elimination is able to stay competitive because of cost reduction.  “If fuel goes up 30 or 60 cents a gallon in a month, it impacts my customers,” Garvey explains. “Also, keeping my employees safer by curbing bad driving habits reduces the amount of losses I take on, which also impacts my customers.”

Fleetmatics is proud to have been chosen as Burns Pest Elimination fleet tracking provider of choice. Please read Burns’ full case study

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