Fleet Dashboard

Fleet tools for quick and easy ways to view overall fleet metrics


Understand the true impact your fleet’s performance has on your business with an easy-to-understand, customizable fleet dashboard graphic summary. Request a DEMO to learn more about fleet dashboards.

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When you ramp up productivity, you also cut down on costs. Fleetmatics REVEAL provides you with fleet tools to track speed violations, average speed, engine on-time, vehicle idling, vehicle mileage and number of stops. Plus, using these powerful fleet tools, you can drill down to view individual vehicle performance metrics. 

With one quick click: 

  • Easily identify your biggest opportunities to improve 
  • Compare performance between groups 
  • See trends changing over time 
  • Use My Fleetmatics to create benchmarks on key fleet metrics and track progress 
See Your Fleet Metrics as Real Dollars 

Fleetmatics REVEAL converts performance data into the only metric that really matters: money. Using cost assumptions you can customize, Fleetmatics REVEAL makes it clear to see where money is being wasted on engine hours, overtime hours and fuel costs.

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