Use driver tracking and driver ID to identify individual drivers and keep a record of their routes.


Driving ROI from any system comes from coaching your drivers, not your vehicles. But how you can easily keep track on which driver is in a vehicle? Our key fob ID solution makes it easy to see the big picture. 

How it Works: 

  • Each driver gets a unique key fob, required for each journey. 
  • A key reader is installed on the vehicle’s dash along with our GPS tracking unit. 
  • When the vehicle is turned on, the driver presents the key fob into the key reader. 

Note: In the event the key fob is not presented, an alarm will sound after one minute. The only way to disable the alarm is to present the key fob or turn off the vehicle. Shut down and start ups of less than 7 minutes will not require the key fob to be presented. 

Get Results from Reporting focused on Drivers 
Fleetmatics REVEAL can deliver any key report, dashboard or visual activity view oriented by driver, not just vehicle. Even if a driver changes vehicles multiple times in a day or week, we aggregate the information to give you a clean, consistent view so you have confidence in managing your drivers with gaps or inaccuracy.