Fuel Card Reporting

GPS tracking with fleet fuel card integration gives you complete control over fuel spending


Get control over your fuel spend with Fleetmatics REVEAL's fuel card integration. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to reduce fuel costs and boost productivity.

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With our powerful reporting tools, you'll be able to: 

  • Verify your fuel card reporting data 
  • Pinpoint fleet fuel card abuse 
  • Reduce fuel usage and costs 
  • Control fuel-wasting driving behaviors
  • Access accurate GPS-based location and time data for each card transaction

Fuel Card Reporting gives you five powerful fuel card reports to maximize your fleet's fuel efficiency: 

Fleet Fuel Purchased Report 

  • Get a complete picture of fuel transaction activity
  • See detailed transaction activity for each vehicle on demand without digging through your monthly fuel card bill
  • Identify vehicles that operate inefficiently and see where every fuel dollar was spent 
  • Create a baseline for fuel usage improvements, monitor your fuel budget and compare fuel usage between vehicles 
    Fuel Purchased Report

Fuel Efficiency Report 

  • See which vehicles are running smoothly and which do not meet their target efficiency ratings
  • Learn how speeding and idle times affect fuel costs

     Fuel Efficiency Report

Lost Fuel Report 

  • Detect abuse of fleet fuel cards by highlighting incidents where a vehicle was not at the gas pump when its assigned fleet fuel card was used 
  • Identify incidents where excess fuel was pumped beyond what a vehicle’s tank could hold
    Lost Fuel Report

Carbon Footprint Report 

  • Calculate the carbon footprint of each vehicle and summarizes the total carbon footprint for your fleet 
  • Decrease your environmental impacts, secure "green" contracts and prove your environmental concerns to customers 
    Carbon Footprint Report

*Disclaimer: Fleetmatics REVEAL’s Fuel Card Reporting is available for customers with base operations in the domestic United States and Canada. Please contact a Fleetmatics representative for complete details on options and availability.