Fleet Route Places

Discover the places you never knew you had to track

Fleet Route Places and GPS Geofencing


If time is money, then you need to know where your time is being spent in the field. Every system lets you upload a list of common places, but shouldn’t your vehicle tracking know where your drivers spend their time, all the time?

The Places feature ranks the locations most frequently visited by your drivers, whether you know about them or not. Uncover unknown places and activity worth tracking. Discover what you didn’t know before. 

Get quick access to:

  • Number of visits to a location and the details of when the stops happened.
  • Average time spent at every location
  • Average time spent traveling to and from the location


Geofencing gives you the complete picture, so you can: 

  • Replace anonymous addresses in reports with friendly names for quick reference 
  • Categorize a work site or client location as well as an employee's home or local bar on the map and in reporting 
  • Track hours spent at productive and unproductive locations 
  • Report on when your vehicles enter or exit the Geofence 

Fleetmatics REVEAL’s patented technology goes beyond any other system by suggesting Geofences based on real activity in the field. Fleetmatics also analyzes the size, shape and activity around your Geofences and proactively identifies any that need to be corrected to accurately capture activity. 

Places Home Page with Lots of Corrections and Suggestions

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