Fleetmatics REVEAL: Our GPS Tracking Software

How Fleet Technology Works


Easily access a complete, up-to-the-minute picture of your fleet, at your desk, on your tablet, or using your smartphone. With Fleetmatics REVEAL, you get:

  • Real-time location of your fleet vehicles, 24/7
    Real Time Map
  • Historical Status of each vehicle, including start-up, shut down, idling status, location, speed, and more
    Daily Report Screen
  • Preventative maintenance information to identify potential risks
    Fleet Service - Manage Service Plans

The Science Behind It All 

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a combination of 27 satellites that transmit signals to GPS receivers all over the globe. 

Our GPS Tracking Formula

[distance] = [speed] * [travel time]

GPS data is transmitted every 90 seconds, giving you real-time location information. It’s also stored in your receiver for easy access at your office.

Quick Tips on how you can share tracking with your team.