Faster Deliveries and Able to Cover a Great Territory

"The question asked is: What was your most cost-saving Fleetmatics experience? The answer to that is very easy!

We try to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to managing our extremely busy plumbing and HVAC supply business. When we first took on Fleetmatics we had a group meeting and informed all who drive a vehicle for the company and explained what and why we were installing Fleetmatics GPS tracking units. We felt the decision to install these units would be beneficial to all and we got everyone involved in the process.

We noticed a great improvement right from the get-go. Deliveries were taking less time, sales people were covering greater territories and idling was kept at a minimum. 

Just by getting everyone on board from the beginning saved our company tremendously, not forgetting giving our customers better service. How can you put a price on that!

We didn't have to put a negative spin on having Fleetmatics and took the high road instead.

Customer service is what separates us from our competition and by being able to manage our fleet we are doing just that.

Information goes a long way."

- Gary S.