In a time long, long ago, Blair's Air Conditioning used a less than customer friendly nor very effective [competitive tracking tool].  The decision was made to end that agreement due to increasing costs associated with doing business and less than desirable customer service.  A friend put us on to FleetMatics and an appointment was made to have someone come in and tell us the FleetMatics story.  An agreement was reached and OUR story begins.

We had the units installed over a weekend and told no one of the installation for a period of 4 weeks.  It was an eye opening experience to say the least.  The amount of wasted time, gas and the additional wear and tear on the vehicles was easily noticeable.  The savings that COULD be achieved just jumped off the screen.

Well the 4 weeks went by and it was time to tell everyone about the new gps units that had been installed on all the trucks.  I decided to bring the employees in 2 at a time versus just announcing to everyone all at once so I could personally see the looks on all the faces.  Again, an eye opening experience.  When the guilty ones found out I had been watching them their faces turned red and they were quite embarrassed.  The non-guilty ones shrugged, said "ok" and left to get on with their day.

I can tell you in the first year our savings from labor, material, gas, vehicle maintenance and the like was in the $60,000 range.  We're a $3M company.  $60,000 to the bottom line is a big number.