Catching the Police Stealing our Tractor

We went backwards and forwards about putting Fleetmatics on our new tractor for a while – we already had it on all the trucks, but couldn't decide. We had just bought some new trucks and had Fleetmatics on the way to install units on them. The night before, our oldest run-down van finally blew up and we had it towed to the shop. We decided “what the heck” and had the tech take the tracker out of the broken van and install it on the tractor.

Well about a month later, I showed up at the office and noticed something wasn't right. The flood lights were out and the tractor was gone. I asked around, we are a 24-hour company and the tractor is used 24 hours, but no one knew where it was. I looked at Fleetmatics’ Live Fleet and it was about 20 miles away. I looked at the lights again and they had been shot out with a gun of some sort. We called the police, but headed to the last location before them as it was in another county.

We arrived at the same time as the sheriff and soon found out that we were at a Macon police officer’s house. After investigating, they found out that two on-duty police officers stole our tractor in uniform in the middle of the night, took it out there, and finished their shifts.

I guess they were unfortunate in that they stole the only tracked tractor in the entire city. They are now facing 15 combined convictions, and they are investigating all the other stolen items that were on the property. Investigators have stated that this doesn’t seem to be the first time, but thanks to Mr. Rooter and Fleetmatics, it certainly was the last.

Since then we have been fielding calls from the media and other businesses about our GPS system as it was featured on the news for several weeks.

- David Brassell