Morania Oil

Faster Response Times

Morania Oil is a family-owned business and has provided Long Island residents with high-efficiency heating equipment, installation, maintenance, and 24-hour emergency service for the past 70+ years. They also offer full service air conditioning and cooling systems through Morania Energy.

The Challenges

Morania Oil needed a more effective way of dispatching their fleet vehicles, so they started looking into vehicle tracking systems. They were also looking to increase their productivity by reaching more customers in a given day. Payroll accuracies and unauthorized vehicle use were also top concerns .

The Benefits

The fuel savings have been significant since installing Fleetmatics fleet tracking. They have achieved this through reduced idling times, reduced mileage, and the elimination of personal vehicle use. Productivity has increased and customer service has greatly improved due to better response times and accurate location information.

The Savings

"Since fitting Fleetmatics to our fleet, we have saved over $22,000 annually in increased productivity and fuel costs."
- Ron Shields, President

- Ron Shields