Recovering a Stolen Vehicle at 2:50am

"We had just installed the Fleetmatics system into about 45 of our vehicles when the thief struck at approximately 2:50 a.m. The location that the vehicle was stolen from is pretty isolated, so no one noticed until our driver came back to drive the truck the next morning. Right away we logged on to Fleetmatics and were able to see what time the theft occurred, the route taken, the speed of the vehicle, where he had paused and where, finally, he went off the road into a barrow pit and was unable to free the vehicle. The police had never had a report where they were able to gather all the information we gave them and were very impressed. We never did find out who actually stole the vehicle as he bailed from the vehicle and headed for the hills, but thanks to Fleetmatics, we were able to provide the police more information than they ever thought possible."

- Sydney Darling