• connected vehicles

    Safety in the Age of the “Connected Truck”

    Posted 20 October 2016 by Stacey Papp

    The middle of the century was a great time to be alive – for starters, both television and McDonald’s were invented – but it was especially great if you were a science-fiction writer. The years between 1938 and the early 1950s are thought to be the “Golden Age” of sci-fi. This was before any space explorations had yet to get off the ground, but after we had a basic map of the solar system, and during a technology boom, giving writers a limitless realm in which to e...

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  • how to present ideas

    How to Present Good Ideas to Your Boss

    Posted 19 October 2016 by Stacey Papp

    Whenever you read about a company, you usually hear about the CEO or president as the “idea person” – the one who is helping to “disrupt” an industry or “transform” the business. But just because the higher-ups are the faces of the company in news articles or on websites doesn’t mean they’re the only one coming up with the ideas. In fact, a good company is one that wants to hear from all its employees – not just the ones in corner offi...

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  • field service software

    What Could You Be Doing Instead of Spending All Day on the Phone?

    Posted 18 October 2016 by Stacey Papp

    As an office manager or dispatcher, you might be on the phone for eight-plus hours some days, fielding calls from customers, chasing down field techs or calling drivers for status updates (and don’t even get us started on the incoming calls from your kids, asking to borrow the car or your perfume … at least they’re asking, right?). During flights of fancy, it’s easy to imagine all the things you COULD be doing instead of holding a phone to your ear. For example, you cou...

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  • technology questions

    The Paradox of Choice: 7 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

    Posted 17 October 2016 by Stacey Papp

    All the exciting new business-bettering technologies out there can make you feel like a kid in a candy store. But let’s be real: You probably feel like a kid in a candy store when your mom only gave you a dime and you have to choose between jelly beans, root beer barrels, gummy sharks or – if you’re a real rebel – the candy cigarettes.  Many small businesses are interested in implementing new technologies, but aren’t quite sure where to start or where the best...

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  • business operational expenses

    Take The Mystery out of Operational Expenses

    Posted 13 October 2016 by Stacey Papp

    Like a lot of Americans, you probably have a credit card – data from 2014 estimates about 72 percent of people in the U.S. have at least one.  Some people, of course, choose never to get a credit card, and are fine without it (as long as they have other ways to buy $2 million albums), but for many people, a first personal credit card ranks up there with their first job – a step taken toward financial autonomy. Credit cards, when they’re used right, are a way for someone t...

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  • happy customers

    Educating the Customer – While Making Them Happy: 6 Quick Tips

    Posted 12 October 2016 by Stacey Papp

    It’s pretty fashionable these days for products to have a story behind them – baristas at fancy coffee shops tell customers that the brew they’re drinking is shade grown on a farm in Bolivia owned by a widowed farmer with seven daughters, or waiters in restaurants might smugly point out to diners that the steak they ordered came from a cow that was grass-fed, massaged daily, given beer and sung to sleep.  That may sound like a bit of exaggeration (not the thing about the ...

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  • future of fleet management

    Gazing into the Crystal Ball: A Look at the Future of Fleet Management

    Posted 11 October 2016 by Stacey Papp

    Did you know there is actually a term for looking into a crystal ball? It’s called scrying, and it’s the art/science/trick/scam of gazing into a reflective surface and seeing, well, anything other than the what you’re actually looking at.  While we don’t really have a crystal ball, we do like to keep tabs on trends to see where the future of the fleet management industry is heading. As technology continues to improve, some trends almost seem like science fiction now...

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  • tradeshow tips

    Navigating the Complicated Waters of a Trade Show

    Posted 10 October 2016 by Stacey Papp

    If you've ever been to a music festival, county/state fair or street festival, you know that a crowd of people all gathered in one place for the same reason creates a palpable energy in the air. You feel like you're among friends, fellow travelers, kindred spirits – people who, although they may not all live in the same area, all chose to be the same place at the same time to share a collective experience.  Conversely, large gatherings like this can make you feel like every human the...

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  • improve customer experience

    How to Improve Customer Experience Using Field Service Software

    Posted 06 October 2016 by Stacey Papp

    When job information is segmented, or not easily available to field workers and office administrators alike, it affects your company’s ability to get work done—and customers can tell. This is frustrating for you, your employees, as well as your customers. If this sounds like your business, it’s time to switch to Fleetmatics WORK, a field service management software that will provide you the flexibility you need to get the job done. With easy to use scheduling software, everyon...

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  • fleet safety

    Safe Drivers: America's Most Wanted

    Posted 05 October 2016 by Stacey Papp

    Anyone who stayed in on a Saturday night in the late ‘80s and ‘90s – you know, in the years before we all had 1,000 channels, the Internet and Netflix – at one point, in the course of channel surfing, probably paused on one of the longest-airing Fox programs in the network’s history: “America’s Most Wanted.”   Hosted by John Walsh – who was personally motivated to bring criminals to justice after his six-year-old son, Adam, was kidnappe...

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