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How Managers Can Help Employee Morale Skyrocket

Posted by Stacey Papp

Employee morale is a sensitive matter – it can easily be affected positively or negatively in a very short amount of time. As a manager, the vibe around the office becomes even more important as it can impact performance, attendance, and ultimately your company goals. Here are 10 powerful tips to help keep morale on the rise.

1. Make Morale a Priority
Historically, companies that experience high morale have employees who maintain a strong relationship with their managers. As a leader, make it a point to interact with your employees to get a read on what’s going on outside of the four walls of your office. Make the rounds each morning, talk about the latest TV show, exchange friendly conversation and ask questions about them. Do this one small task each day and watch your employee morale start to climb!

2. Focus on the Positive
It can be all too easy to focus on negativity, especially if you’re have an ‘off’ day – and we all have those. Keep in mind that negativity can absolutely lower morale and not just for a few hours or a day…the lasting effects can be felt for a week or more. Instead of keying on what is going wrong, shift your focus to find the ‘silver lining’ when a negative situation arises. When you decide to keep a positive outlook, it has a trickle-down effect to the rest of your employees. And never underestimate the power of a motivational poster or inspirational quote of the day…

3. Set Clear Goals
Communication is key – especially when providing clear instructions regarding what is expected of your employees. Be open and honest with your employees by providing as much detail as possible and discussing why goals are important; which leads to a higher level of trust and respect. This also helps employees who have questions come to you in confidence knowing you help guide them and steer them in the right direction.

4. Offer Encouraging Feedback

It’s no secret that we all love to hear positive feedback about ourselves and other people. You can instantly boost employee morale by sharing positive comments your customers share about your employees. Team meetings are a great platform for this type of exercise as it allows you to shine the light on those that are going above and beyond. Hearing this type of feedback can motivate employees by giving them something to work towards.

5. Support Company Leadership
Throughout the course of the day, you and other managers in your company may provide direction to employees to accomplish specific goals. To ensure everyone is on the same page, managers should always be aligned and support each other. Showing a united front will let employees know that you are all working towards the same common goal together.

6. Analyze Behavioral Styles
As a manager, you have a lot on your ‘to-do’ list. Make sure to squeeze in some time with your employees to learn more about them – this includes their learning styles, work habits, motivations, strengths, aspirations, and weaknesses. Once you gain knowledge about each person, you can better assign tasks and responsibilities that capitalize on their personal and professional goals. Nothing says ‘morale booster’ quite like a manager who wants their employees to succeed.

7. Request Feedback
Nothing is worse than a manager who doesn’t ask for employee feedback. After all, your employees are your ‘boots on the ground’ who interact with customers regularly and are most affected by company changes. By asking a few questions, you are showing them you care about their opinions and value their honest feedback. Try incorporating some of these questions into your next conversation:

  • “How do you think we are performing as a company?”
  • “What one thing would you change?”
  • “What is something we could do more of?”

8. Reward Hard Work
When employees give you everything they have, they deserve to be recognized…there’s no argument in that. Developing employee incentive programs that reward your hard workers with simple rewards will go a long way and show them you appreciate their time, dedication, and loyalty. Things like restaurant gift cards, an extra vacation day or treating them to lunch will speak volumes of you and your company.

9. Follow Through
Reliability is trait that every employee looks for in their manager. You know the old saying, ‘actions speak louder than words’ – well, this couldn’t be any truer. As a manger, strive to follow through on anything you commit to. If you make a promise to an employee or customer, make sure you don’t let that fall through the cracks. Sticking to your word will establish trust and your employees will view you as their advocate and someone who has their back. 

10. Provide Leadership Opportunities
When an employee goes above and beyond their duties, they are letting you know they are ready to take on more responsibilities. Keep an eye out for these employees and make sure you offer them opportunities to lead teams, spearhead high-profile projects and make important decisions. Creating new positions, inviting star performers to high-profile meetings and offering promotions is a great way to motivate employees to always do their best work. 

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