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3 Productivity Hacks for Your Business Which Will Get You Through the Day

Posted by Stacey Papp

Managing a business is no small feat. With so many tasks to accomplish, including watching over your staff and customers, it can be all too easy to get bogged down, feel overwhelmed and be less than productive (which we’re sure is not on your ‘to-do’ list…more on that later). Not to worry, there’s good news just ahead. With all the tips and tricks out there to help you run your business efficiently, effectively and successfully, we broke it down to and identified three core productivity hacks to help you business operate more efficiently.

1. Embrace technology as much as possible.

Have you ever looked at the App Store on iTunes or the Google Play store? Or searched for ‘productivity tools’ on Google? If you have, you know there are hundreds upon hundreds of apps and tools on the market that promise to help boost productivity by streamlining business processes and and managing tough tasks.  Fleetmatics WORK™ helps manage all those tasks and processes in one place, saving paper and time, so you can focus on what matters. 

Without a doubt, some of these tools will be helpful to you, others won’t. Take a little time to research the options and don’t be afraid to make a wish list of items a tool would need in order to be truly helpful. When you find a few that fit your bill, give it a whirl and see how it works. If it doesn’t make your life easier in some way, go back to the drawing board and start a fresh search – there are plenty of options out there just waiting to help!

2. Make that ‘to-do’ list.

It may seem outdated but a good old fashioned to-do list can make a huge difference in your daily productivity – and we’re talking the kind you make with paper and a pen! Before you leave the office each night, take 10 minutes to jot down what you need to do to accomplish tomorrow and also, what you hope to get done (if you don’t accomplish the ‘hopes’, don’t get discouraged…there’s always the day after tomorrow for that). This productivity hack will save yourself time in the morning and give your brain a chance to wake up and get the coffee going. Not to mention, it feels awesome to be able to cross a task off that list – especially if it’s long!

3. Consider social media. 

In today’s digital age, social media is becoming an integral part of running a business – no matter how big or small. If you are active on social media, considering automating portions of the platform’s features – but not everything. Part of the appeal of social media is connecting the human side of your business with your customers in near real-time. Boost productivity by setting up alerts for each platform in the account settings, so you don’t have to constantly log in to see if you have new messages or notifications. You can also utilize a social media management tool to schedule posts (hit up Google, you will likely find a few free of charge). 

If you aren’t on social media, fret not. Decide if you feel if being on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn would benefit both your business and your customers. If so, start with setting up just one account. Set aside some time to brand your page with your logo and a few pictures of your staff and the products or services you offer. We promise it takes less time than you think and the returns are well worth it.

What productivity hackss do you use in your business to make your day run a little smoother?

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