Celebrate field Techs

This Labor Day, Celebrate Your Field Techs

Posted by Stacey Papp

As “Spiderman” reminds us, with great power comes great responsibility, and one of the responsibilities a supervisor or manager has is setting up his or her employees for success. Labor Day is a good time to reflect on the employees who support the business by being the face of the company: the field techs and drivers. 

The guys in the field have the know-how and customer service skills to get job orders done and dusted in an efficient manner while also making sure the customer is satisfied with the service – they’re your walking, talking business cards.  

Here are a few employee appreciation ideas you can use this Labor Day to show field techs and drivers that you appreciate them now and every day – costs may vary, but some are practically free:

  • A program that allows fellow drivers and techs the opportunity to nominate their peers for going the extra mile or making a customer extra happy, with the chance to win a gift card
  • A social media post with a photo of the employee and an explanation of why they were recognized
  • Free breakfast in the break room or kitchen, available just before start time and running for a couple of hours
  • A staff appreciation program – a rewards program that gives points for punctuality, customers that fill out a positive comment card, or anything else you want to encourage. Points can be redeemed for small prizes or privileges like leaving 30 minutes early (as job orders allow)
  • A company suggestion program to show employees their feedback and ideas are valued
  • An after-work barbecue, happy hour, bowling outing or movie night – something extracurricular that allows your staff to kick back
  • Build-your-own ice cream sundaes during an hour-long social, either immediately after work hours or at a time convenient for everyone
  • A public calendar where employees’ birthdays and employment anniversaries can be posted – and cupcakes in the break room once a month to celebrate birthdays (you can do one event for all employees born in a given month)
  • Remember the Dundies in “The Office”? While most of these awards were not exactly compliments to the winners, you can host your own “awards night” and recognize each employee for a special skill or accomplishment
  • Some employees might not be eligible for overtime pay, yet still put in extra hours where needed – reward them by letting them leave an hour or two early (with supervisor approval) on a day of their choice
  • A personalized thank-you note calling out a time an employee helped out the business or their team members (and don’t wait for Labor Day to do this – if you hear about a positive impact an employee has made, compliment them in person or via email)
  • Recognize personal accomplishments as well as work-related ones – for example, if someone volunteered for a charitable organization, welcomed a new baby to the family or ran a 5K – with an announcement, card or small gift as appropriate for the situation
  • Buy lunch every now and then for field crews, especially when they have to work outside in extreme temperatures or conditions
  • A bulletin board in the office where employees can post notices about garage sales, Girl Scout cookie time, kids’ school plays and other personal events 
  • During an especially tough week, a $5 or $10 gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks for each employee can go a long way
  • Make healthy snacks like apples and trail mix bars available in the break room or kitchen – packaged snacks can be purchased in bulk at places like Sam’s Club and Costco

This list should be considered a way to get those creative juices flowing – every fleet business is different, and an employee appreciation program can be tailored to fit any company. 

Your field techs and drivers can perform even better (hopefully winning them some of these prizes, accolades or time off) with the extra boost fleet management software can get them. When they’re able to get more jobs done in a day, have an efficiently organized schedule, spend less time on the phone to the back office and can take care of invoicing on the spot, they’re more empowered and motivated to put more effort toward what matters most: a successful job completion and the customer’s satisfaction.

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