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How to Avoid Leaving Money on The Table

Posted by Phillip Ebersole

You’re in this business to make money, but one of the easiest slip-ups can be leaving money on the table. You think you’ve priced your services right, calculated the best salaries for your employees, but are still missing that extra that is slipping through the cracks.          

One easy way to catch that extra cash and increase profits is with a field service app like Fleetmatics WORK™. This allows you to have all your important business tools in one place. Need invoicing? Got it. Need a customer signature? Got it. How about updating a job description, adding notes, or even pictures to a job file? Got that too. And when your team in the field adds more to a project, the same field service app makes sure the office knows, too.

Another easy way to catch more money is to be able to squeeze in one more stop each day. The best scheduling software is efficient and saves time while allowing more to be done in a day. Can your paper calendar back at the office do that?         

Who is your most profitable technician? Do you know who is goofing off? There’s no use in trying to squeeze in an extra stop if your current fieldworker is hardly getting the work done. Knowing how your fleet functions isn’t about being Big Brother. Incentivize your drivers with bonuses if they can lower their idle time, or fieldworkers who can cut down on unnecessary follow ups. What is there to lose? More savings for you, more efficient fieldworkers, happier customers. It’s a win-win-win.         

It all boils down to the data. What do you know about how your business actually functions – and what can you do to improve service, reduce cost, and increase profits - you can stop leaving money on the table. Changing your bottom line takes more than desire. It takes cold hard facts.

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