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Staying Connected to Your Community: How You Can Get More Involved

Posted by Stacey Papp

Companies large and small depend on their connection to their communities to drive business success. Getting out and doing good is a great way to maintain and build that connection. But getting involved in the community comes with many benefits beyond visibility and feel-good marketing. Help build your brand, stoke employee enthusiasm, make a difference and more by getting your company in touch with its giving side.

Put your fleet vehicles to work
There are many charitable uses that can benefit from your fleet’s vehicles when they are not on the job. 

•Take a cue from Uber, for instance, and provide rides to the polls for those who can’t get there on their own.
•Look into helping the less fortunate with rides to doctor’s appointments, which is always a need.
•If you’ve got a spare truck hanging around, see if an organization like a food bank or Habitat for Humanity needs some hauling help.
•If your fleet is made up of standard vehicles like basic cars or trucks, and if they don’t hold much monetary value when you update them, donating them to a charity is a great gift and a tax write-off you might consider.

Make community involvement and giving a point of workplace pride
Getting involved in a cause is a great way to get employees working together.

•Pick a charitable run/walk that includes team participation. A lot of events allow teams of people to combine together to complete a run or walk and raise money, building employee unity beyond the workplace.
•Habitat for Humanity is a good option here, too. Many companies put together teams of people to help the charitable group build homes for people in need of help. Show off your team’s abilities for a common cause.
•Incentivize employees to get involved by letting them trade confirmed charitable hours for paid time off.
•Create a matching program for employee charitable giving. A popular employee incentive, this allows your company to maximize the good that employees do in the community and creates employee goodwill by increasing the impact they have on their chosen causes.

If one of these isn’t quite the right solution for your company, take a beat to figure out what is. Get creative! Make it a point of pride that your company is involved in making the community better, and make your staff feel great in the process.

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For more ways to get involved with your community, follow us on Twitter.