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Gain More Time in Your Day - Improvements to Help You & Your Business

Posted by Stacey Papp

If you could spend your time however you’d like, what would you do? Spend time with your family? Meet up with old buddies? Work on your favorite hobbies? The answer is most likely not going to be “doing paperwork!” If you’ve ever wished there were more than 24 hours in a day, here are some practices and questions to ask when trying to improve efficiency and ultimately save time.   

Automate anything and everything.
If you’re still doing payroll by hand, there is a better way! Look for reports that can verify hours worked based on vehicle activity, or even better, work with digital timecards. Digitizing timecards and payroll makes it easier to track and verify whether you’re paying employees for actual time worked.   

Create regular service plan reminders for oil changes and tire rotations (or any regular maintenance) so you can receive notification when a service is due. Have those reminders sent to your email, your phone, or even directly to the driver. That’s one less thing to waste time thinking about. 

Look for overviews, rather than reports. 
Sometimes reports just have more information than necessary – that’s where a dashboard can really help. Seeing this information displayed in a visual form can you give an idea of some major business and fleet-related metrics… 

  • How much fuel was wasted last month?
  • Which driver had the most speeding violations? 
  • Which vehicles are falling behind in fuel efficiency? 
  • How many stops did your employees average each day? 
  • How many on-time arrivals did you have this week? 
  • What was the average distance traveled for each vehicle? 

Dashboards are a fantastic way to quickly gather whatever information you need. 
Look for the most efficient ways to dispatch your drivers. How much time is spent trying to communicate information to the field? If changes are made to a schedule, a job, or a route, how quickly are those changes being conveyed? How many modes of communication are being used? Phone calls, texts, emails, radios, etc.? Streamlining every piece of information into one program can save time and confusion, making it easier for your drivers to know exactly where to go and what needs to happen. 

Digitize records for easy searches. 
Looking through paper records can also be a time suck, wasting labor and effort. Digitizing anything from your customer database to the route your driver took two months ago will save you time as you search for any important information. A few clicks of the mouse can provide quicker results than searching through multiple files and storage units. 

Time is money, but time is also precious outside of the workplace. Save time, money, and sanity by automating your systems. Ease your workload and finally do those things you’d rather be doing. 

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