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Where Did You Hear That? Helpful Digital Resources for Fleet Employees

Posted by Stacey Papp

If you own or work for a fleet business, you’re probably subscribed to a veritable mountain of publications and newsletters specific to your industry, whether that’s pest control, landscaping, courier services, catering, beverage distribution or any of the myriad fields that are part of this big, beautiful, fleet-supported world we all live in. 

But there might be other publications or websites that could be beneficial to your job title that you’re not thinking of checking out. And while we’re not suggesting you go out and add to the stacks of paper on your desk with yet another magazine subscription (in fact, we may be the anti-paper poster children), some of these offer digital subscriptions, or are simply websites with no publication. 

We know there are never enough hours in the work day, but take some time each week to skim these websites – you may add to your knowledge of best business practices, key trends and exciting technological advances. 

Check out a few of our picks for helpful pubs or websites, tailored to your job description.

If you’re the BUSINESS OWNER…

  • Inc.: Lots of successful small business stories in the form of stats, case studies, interviews and reviews.
  • Entrepreneur: Details pain points to running a business – a lot of info on start-ups, but useful for current businesses as well.
  • Bloomberg Business Week: A heavy-hitter focused on national and global business; helpful source of information about the trends and paradigm shifts that affect all businesses.

If you’re the FLEET MANAGER…

  • Vehicle Service Pros: Everything you could ever want to know about vehicle maintenance.
  • Harvard Business Review: Covers change management, leadership and strategy; also features case studies on leadership development training programs.  

  • WRAP: Features guides like the one in the link on resource efficiency for small to medium-size enterprises. It’s a British site, but still has useful info for U.S. businesses.
  • Wired: For anyone interested in the latest and greatest technologies, including those that affect businesses, this pub is a one-stop-shop.
  • Success: A well-designed magazine featuring articles with catchy titles that provide actionable info on how leaders can improve.

If you’re the SERVICE MANAGER…
  • Customer Service Group: Features training sessions that service managers can share with drivers and field techs to enhance the way they interact with the customer.
  • Talent Management: Focuses on topics like recruitment and retention and employee reviews.
If you’re the OFFICE MANAGER…
  • Customer Service Manager: A free publication and newsletter that offers helpful news, tools and articles for anyone who uses customer service skills in their daily job duties.
  • Office Manager Today: This website understands that “as an office manager, you do it all.” It offers a newsletter, webinars, e-books and more, including helpful templates.
  • A resource for office and admin professionals on innovative technologies, ideas and resources to streamline their workdays. 

And of course, don’t forget the old standbys that every fleet business should already be reading, including Fleet Owner, Fleet Central, Fleet Equipment, Business Fleet, and more. 

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