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Rewarding and Recognizing Your Employees - How Important Is It Really?

Posted by Stacey Papp

It is no secret that everyone likes to hear when they are doing a good job.  And when that affirmation comes from their manager, it makes a huge impact that carries with it many benefits. After all, who doesn’t like to know they are doing a good job? According to research done by the Division of Human Resources at Florida International University, positive reinforcement and recognition can help your employees to:

  • Take pride in their work and in their job responsibilities
  • Feel appreciated for their contributions
  • “Go the extra mile”
  • Heighten their level of commitment to the organization
  • Improve relationships between coworkers
  • Be more open to constructive feedback
  • Strive to meet and/or exceed performance expectations
  • Support and promote a positive atmosphere in which praise prevails
  • Get more enjoyment out of the work they do
Praise should become a regular part of your normal day-to-day leadership actions. Its positive contribution to employee development and engagement cannot be said enough. Recognition and rewards are effective for reinforcing or improving work performance when the employee has confidence in the basis of that praise. And you, as the manager, will be more confident when giving recognition and rewards based on information that you can support.  

A fleet tracking solution can provide reliable information about your mobile workforce. Having a robust system will bring to light areas where you can recognize drivers who are doing well and those who may be in need of additional coaching. Having immediate, actionable results regarding driver metrics, habits, and behaviors will not only help you save money and time but will also provide you with the tools you need to give the pats on the back that are well deserved. 

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About the Author: Laura Tasker is the Lead HR Business Partner at Fleetmatics and works alongside employees and managers to create a positive and winning work environment.  She has a background in Human Resources Management and Management Training and Development. 

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