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Keeping Employees Plugged in with Rewards & Recgonition

Posted by Stacey Papp

Small business owners can use reward and recognition programs to get employees excited about coming to work. Building a reward system can be easy when the strategy is supported by performance monitoring tools. Even for small service organizations, employee rewards can keep drivers excited about their work. This added engagement lets you reinforce best practices creating business value as productivity rises.
Negative reinforcement, like punishing workers for leaving vehicles idling or wasting time getting to destinations, won't solve performance problems. Rewarding and recognizing your top performers will help highlight best practices and foster a culture of excellence. With the right strategy, it can also create a sense of healthy competition that makes work more fun.
Think of it this way - a recent Gallup study found that approximately 50 percent of employees don't know what's expected from them at work. You can help overcome this problem through a rewards program that details best practices and encourages your workers push the standard for excellence further.
Building a Rewards Program
Rewards don't need to be giant to have an impact. Extra time off, gift cards to local hot spots or office perks can get the job done. These mini-bonuses are especially helpful when you use them to build enthusiasm through frequent communication about reward plans.
Creating a straightforward strategy in which different achievements lead to specific rewards helps your workers understand which areas of their performance are most important to you. A few keys to consider here include:

  • Make goals clearly measurable.  You should be able to easily demonstrate why different workers were rewarded.
  • Be consistent. The whole point is to show workers that they matter. Don't undermine that goal by falling behind or skipping months.
  • Get everybody involved. Shake up your reward goals if the same people keep winning. You want all of your workers to have a shot at coming out on top so they'll be motivated to strive for excellence.
 Offering some basic rewards is a nice way to keep workers engaged. Going from rewards to recognition can take these efforts to another level.
From Rewards to Recognition: Making Business Matter
You can create an emotionally rewarding work environment. Small bonuses are fun. But recognizing your top performers gives them a sense of satisfaction in their work.
For example, if you track your top five drivers in terms of customer service ratings, you could give them each a gift card. This is a nice little bonus for workers, but the benefits end there. Alternately, you can get the whole company together on a Friday afternoon, call out the five workers, present their gift cards and put their names on a list that everybody can see for the month. Taking this step from reward to recognition delivers a few vital benefits:
  • Highlighting best practices for the whole company to see.
  • Creating opportunities for conversations between workers.
  • Showing esteem for your employees.
  • Building a culture that puts excellence in the spotlight.
Using Data for the Greater Good
Utilizing GPS vehicle tracking in order to help improve driver performance can generate exciting business improvements. Doing so hinges on getting your drivers on board. There may be concerns about privacy as workers worry that extra visibility will make their days more stressful. You can turn this perception on its head through a reward and recognition program.
Instead of telling workers that they will be punished if they idle for too long during a month, you can point out that they will get a prize if they manage to idle for a particularly short amount of time. This may seem like a small shift in mindset, but focusing on the positive gives you a chance to improve employee engagement while taking full advantage of performance metrics.
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