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Don’t Drive Blind

Posted by Phillip Ebersole

Your service agent is making a house call to fix a customer’s sink, but, dangit, he doesn’t have the replacement valve he needs. Now he has to call and order the part, wait 7-10 business days for it to come in, and then return for another house call to finally fix it.

But you know that you have the part back at the office in inventory. If the customer hears that she has to live with a broken sink for two weeks, she’s going to pick up her phone and call someone else. You can say good bye to that job, and any future jobs from that customer, too.

That situation is less than ideal. So, let’s talk about Fleetmatics WORK™, which also helps in the circumstances below with the help on inventory software.

If your field people know your inventory, they can help push sales to the customer. They are your company’s touch point with the customer when it comes to service calls. That’s why it’s also important that they know everything about a job for each service call.

Paper files don’t allow for easy additions to notes, and can be lost. Or left back at the office. Keep notes and other data like photos all in one place, the Cloud, so your people have access to it wherever they are.

Save yourself lost profit. When a job becomes more complex than you originally thought, make sure you get paid for that extra time and work. Doing the work without remembering to file the extra paperwork at the office happens sometimes. File your added paperwork on the spot with mobile or desktop-based software.

Having real-time tracking also helps to prevent fraud. The customer ordered a new custom front door. Your contractor put in an order for two – he made sure the customer bought the door that would look good in his own house, too. And that’s called fraud. If you’re watching your books, in real time, you can find these problems and resolve them before you get into serious trouble.

Fleetmatics WORK reminds you to bill for your work. Forgot about a job you wrote down? Not with Fleetmatics WORK. The solution also has convenient payment profiles for your customers, enabling prompt payment.

When it comes to your business, you don’t want to drive blind – get Fleetmatics WORK for your business.

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