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The ELD Mandate - What You Need to Know Now

Posted by Stacey Papp

After years of speculation, clarification and legislative process the ELD Final Rule mandate has published.* And the fleet tracking world is a buzz about anything and everything related to this topic. There’s a lot of information out there and you may be wondering what is important to remember now…or a little later. Here are a few reminders to keep at the forefront as you navigate this change.

If you are already keeping driver logs today, we know this is a big deal to accept and understand. It impacts how your daily businesses will run in the future. 

Fleetmatics has taken all necessary steps to understand the requirements and specifications of the ELD mandate. Because of our constant communication and ‘in-the-know’ approach with our customers and industry associations, we are prepared to address all ELD regulations ahead of the mandate compliance date. 

For those who are not currently using an electronic logging device, implementation of a solution needs to occur by December 18, 2017. It is important to note that those fleets using an Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD) will remain compliant for all drivers to use in the field until the ELD full compliance phase of December 2019.

The design of Fleetmatics’ LogBook solution is fully compliant with existing regulations and is designed with extensibility for future regulations for new and existing customers as the industry transitions to the ELD final rule. Those fleets who currently use Fleetmatics LogBook can continue to use the existing hardware and even add new units without purchasing new hardware or replacing current devices.

Because this is important to you, it’s important to us. We are able to recognize how valuable an electronic logging device is to you because of our deep experience with thousands of vehicles over several years. Our mission is to keep our customers’ needs top of our mind to help ensure their operations are compliant and running smoothly. 

Having an ELD solution in place can help improve overall compliance and administration. Drivers are able to know their time which prevents them from hitting a violation and solution administrators know which driver is able to take a load, as well as, when a violation happens. On top of that, an ELD solution provides opportunity to reduce paperwork and increase productivity. That means no more file cabinets filled with countless sheets of paper!


Our approach to electronic logs is delivered to drivers via mobile device, which is a big advantage for drivers. Our mobile app approach makes it easy to stay current with changing regulations, like ELD, on a platform your drivers already understand. 

For more information, visit our LogBook & Compliance page of our website.

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