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Employee Appreciation Day - Little Ways to Recognize Your Employees

Posted by Stacey Papp

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Today is a great day to show your best and brightest employees how grateful you are for them. After all, without them, it would be just you running the show! Employee recognition programs can be helpful in keeping employees satisfied and motivated. A solid program can help add to a positive and teamwork-oriented company culture. Here are a few employee recognition ideas to implement in your office:

Institute an Employee of the Month Program
We’ve all seen the ballot boxes in the cafeteria labeled ‘Employee of the Month’ and each of us secretly hopes one of our coworkers votes for us. Instituting an employee of the month program will help employees bring their A-game to work each day in hopes to be recognized for a job well done. Whether it is done by a points system or through simple nomination, people find satisfaction when they are recognized by their peers. The winner could receive a special privilege, such as a parking spot, and be celebrated by the entire company for their efforts. 

Provide Incentives for Meeting Goals
Chances are your employees already have monthly quarterly or annual goals tied to their personal performance as well as the company vision. Adding an incentive to achieving these goals helps to show employees that you are interested in their professional success. Incentives could be anything from a bonus package, gift cards, a casual dress day or even a free lunch. Here at Fleetmatics, employees go crazy for branded swag such as fleece pull-overs, t-shirts, and coffee mugs!

Recognize Long-Term Employees
In some companies, turnover can be exceptionally high. One way to help prevent that is to recognize long-term employees on their anniversaries and thank them for their continued service to your business. If an employee has been at a company for several years, it is probably because they are an integral part of the success of the business. Show these loyal employees how much you appreciate them so they continue to help your business run smoothly and grow.

Encourage Customer Recognition 
Go ahead and reach out to your customers to give them the opportunity to nominate technicians, drivers or office staff who provide exceptional service. Including customers in employee recognition programs also allows your business to gather valuable customer feedback and learn about what customers value in a company. Recognizing employees is not only important on Employee Appreciation Day but all throughout the year. 

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It's your turn! Follow us on Facebook and tell us what employee recognition programs you've implemented.