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Become a Pro at Rewarding Employees

Posted by Stacey Papp

Even if your employees aren’t your most valuable assets, then they certainly rank right up there with the machines in your shop or the trucks in your fleet in terms of their value. And like those machines, they require attention to help ensure that they are properly cared for and give you the best value. A good employee reward program – even a simple one – can help your staff feel appreciated and is firing on all cylinders.

And the reward goes to…

Who doesn’t like rewards? These are a good way to show your appreciation for the good, hard work your employees do throughout the year. Some are simple and should be shared with all employees, and some can be used as incentives for motivating employees to go that extra step. Here are a few to consider:

  • Employee gatherings like lunches, dinners and picnics. These are events you can plan on a regular basis – often around the holidays – and they can involve all employees. They will see that they are appreciated while also getting a chance to know each other better. Team-building included!
  • Bonus paid time off. Many companies will allow employees to earn extra time off for outstanding work or even just set aside bonus PTO days that can be instituted at will to show appreciation to their employees. Time off helps workers to recharge and builds morale, which is essential to productivity.
  • A reward like a gift card. Send your excellent employee to a movie or dinner on the company as a gesture of appreciation. It’s a safe bet they will repay you with loyalty and quality work.
  • Or do something company-specific such as rewarding employees with company-branded t-shirts, tech gadgets, mugs or something that relates to your business directly – get creative!

In recognition of …

In the rush of the workplace, direct recognition is often something managers forget to do, but it is very important in motivating employees. Nothing makes an employee feel more worthless than working in a vacuum with no input from their manager – unless it’s negative.

  • Take the time to say thank you every once in a while – even if it’s just for doing what’s expected. Employees will notice.
  • Drop a note by e-mail every now and then to express your gratitude. A note from a senior manager calling out a job well done pays dividends beyond a typical ‘atta-boy’.
    • Side note: consider copying the team on the email. You’d be surprised how empowering it is to know that others are noticed, even if the accolade didn’t come directly to you. And it gives other team members something to strive for and proof that good work doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • For the extra personal touch, hand-write a note of gratitude for all that the employee does for the company.

These are great tools managers can use for motivating employees, and keeping their workforce as productive and happy as possible. Who knows, a simple thank you note could be the difference between an employee looking for another job or looking for ways to do the job they have even better.

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Check out our other blogs on employee morale…your staff will be glad you did!