Cost of Fleet Safety

Being Successful & Safe Doesn't Have to Cost So Much

Posted by Stacey Papp

In the beginning you had a vision…maybe that vision was to build a company that provides the best possible, at the most reasonable price, while creating value in your community.  At first it was simple – it was just you and a handful of employees coming in every day and laying the foundation together as you all strived for the common vision.  

But now you are at a different milestone in your quest to becoming the best and things may not be as simple as they were yesterday. The days often blur into each other and you find it hard to remember what it was you had for lunch yesterday. Your business has perhaps become a staple in the community and may have been successful at putting the blocks together to achieve your vision from the beginning.  While you’ve had your share of hardships over the course of getting here, some years have been leaner than others, but thankfully, you have survived. 

In the beginning, your fleet may have consisted of about one or two vehicles rolling on the road but over time, you’ve grown to have a sizable fleet and fleet safety becomes more of a concern that keeps you up at night. Also concerning is that the average non-fatal accident will cost your business upwards of $80,000* and that may not be including the insurance increase after such an accident.  The first thought that comes to mind is to set policies to ensure that these type of accidents never occur.  Having a lock-tight safety policy just one half of the solution…you will also need a method to help get measurable data in order to hold employees accountable for safety violations.

With the majority of the work force being somewhere between the ages of 26-45, it’s interesting to find this age group also accounts for over 50% of all the accidents on roadways*. Without measurable data to know what is going on behind the wheel of your vehicles, how do you coach and engage with your employees about fleet safety and safer driving habits?    

Increasing the efforts to enforce safer driving habits will help your company focus more time on building revenue instead of spending time resolving accidents. By implementing a telematics solution to help gauge the safety of your fleet, companies see a 21% reduction year-over year** in the amount of accidents that your company has to deal with.  

This is enough reason to start thinking about what fleet safety changes you should make this year to your fleet and how you can implement these changes.  Knowing that you have actionable data to rely on at your fingertips can help you coach your employees to drive more safely and help keep more money in your pocket. 

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About the Author: Justin Costner is a Sales Consultant working out of Fleetmatics Charlotte, NC office and is a 2013 graduate of the University of North Carolina Charlotte with a major in Economics. 


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