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How Do You Measure Customer Service?

Posted by Stacey Papp

Your customer service is the backbone of your organization, but it’s about more than just a smile and a friendly attitude. Customer service also is measured by how fast drivers can get to customers; how informed your team is about customer needs and job orders; and how quickly your business can take an order, complete a job and send an accurate invoice.

For these elements of business management by which you measure customer service, going digital can help streamline processes, and in some cases, eliminate roadblocks altogether. Going paperless can: 

Keep your information accessible and organized. 
When your customers call, do you have their information available at the touch of a button, or do you need to put them on hold to dig through file cabinets? Are you able to reference their job history and past orders at a glance in a digital dashboard? Your customers will sense if you are scrambled or disorganized, which will leave a negative impression. Being able to find the information you need without having to sift through piles of paperwork will translate into faster service for your customers, showing that you value their time.

Allow for reactive as well as proactive scheduling. 
Using a white board, wall calendar or sticky notes to keep track of your drivers’ availability means you may be less able to adapt on the fly when a customer calls with an emergency. Sometimes one schedule change means that the entire day has to be rearranged, and reassignments can require multiple phone calls (and lost time). The ability to see open time slots and availability on a mobile dashboard means you can swing with the punches and accept more emergency appointments, making you more responsive and leaving your customers happier.

Manage staff time and knowledge. 

Using a digital method can simplify the dispatch process. You can see when someone in the field accepts a job order and send directions to get your driver there as quickly as possible. Last-minute changes or updates to job details can be communicated without picking up a phone. Your drivers will get to the customer quickly and with accurate, up-to-the-minute information, allowing them to focus on the job and the customer’s satisfaction – and the customer will appreciate the swift reaction and knowledge about the job order.  

Move along the quote and payment process. 
If a customer requests a quote, you have a small window of time to get back to her before she goes somewhere else. Similarly, after a job order has been completed, the customer should not have to wait days or weeks for you to send an invoice, especially if the invoice finally arrives only to have a mistake. Getting quotes and invoices to a customer quickly demonstrates your overall efficiency, and a digital method can help ensure the accuracy of the bill as well as the speed of the quote-to-job-to-invoice process.  

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