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What Could You Be Doing Instead of Spending All Day on the Phone?

Posted by Stacey Papp

As an office manager or dispatcher, you might be on the phone for eight-plus hours some days, fielding calls from customers, chasing down field techs or calling drivers for status updates (and don’t even get us started on the incoming calls from your kids, asking to borrow the car or your perfume … at least they’re asking, right?). During flights of fancy, it’s easy to imagine all the things you COULD be doing instead of holding a phone to your ear.

For example, you could be:

  • Climbing Mount Everest
  • Writing a fashion blog 
  • Moving a pile of sand from one place to another using only tweezers
  • Selling all your possessions on eBay and becoming a minimalist
  • Trying out every recipe on the Great British Bakeoff
  • Learning Klingon or Dothraki
  • Perfecting your harmonica skills
  • Learning how to do intricate nail art
  • Preparing to move to Mars…OK, that’s only if you’re REALLY tired of being on the phone all day.

We’re exaggerating a little here, but what’s not an exaggeration is all the time that being on the phone takes up – it wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have a million other things to do during the day, but that’s another alternate reality you can only dream about.

But maybe you don’t need an alternate reality. Maybe you just need a way to get time back in your day – not in the form of an intern or assistant, but in the form of technology.

Field service software can help get you off the phone to be more productive at your other tasks. It lets you see everyone’s schedule on a dashboard and – more importantly – field techs’ and drivers’  whereabouts, helping to eliminate the phone tag that results from a customer calling to ask when someone is going to show up, or with an emergency order that needs to be handled now. 

You can dispatch techs directly through the mobile app, letting them access all information about job orders and accept the job via their mobile device. You get a notification on your end that a job has been accepted – and all this happens with a few clicks of the mouse, without you ever picking up a phone.

You also don’t need to worry that the updates you called Forgetful Fred about actually made it into the work order – you just update directly within the mobile app – or that Messy Marvin finds the most current work order within the pile of papers (and coffee cups, and Snickers wrappers) in his truck – because it’s all digital. 

It also can integrate with accounting programs (like QuickBooks or XERO), so you only need to enter information once within the system and it duplicates it into the accounting software you already use. Oh, and all that info you entered, like customer job details and accounting info? Field service software lets you run reports on any information entered into the program, so you can instantly pull up anything your boss might be asking for. 

We can help you learn more about field service management software. What we can’t do is help you figure out what to do with all those extra hours in the day.

You’d better get to work on that nail art. 

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