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Solving Scheduling Snafus

Posted by Stacey Papp

It’s Monday morning. You’re at your desk, debating having a second cup of coffee. The phone rings. You know it could be a call from that sweepstakes you entered, and you’ve won a cruise to the Bahamas! But let’s be realistic: It’s probably about a job order.

When you pick up, you find out that it’s not just any job order. It’s an emergency, and the customer needs someone dispatched right now – but all of your drivers are already in the field on other jobs. How do you handle this?

Companies that use whiteboard scheduling, paper work orders and phone dispatching may be in quite a dither over the next hour or so as dispatchers scramble to figure out where drivers are, whether anyone is free, what job orders can be moved around and so on. This disorganization creates confusion and unnecessary stress on everyone involved in the process.

And in the meantime, your customer is waiting, growing more and more frustrated and wondering what’s taking so long – and maybe calling you to cancel the order and instead going with the competition.

Analog ways of running a business do not allow optimal efficiency, which affects both employees and customers. Digital gps tracking helps to create agility by giving dispatchers a way to see at a glance on a virtual dashboard where all the drivers are and who has open slots in his or her schedule. 

There’s no need to stage a phone-a-thon to find out where drivers are and when they’re free. You can simply send the last-minute work order and change other job details within the system, which sends your drivers an instant notification via email or text that their day has changed and provides all necessary details about the emergency job order. You’ll get a notification that they have accepted it and are on the way, and you can call the customer and assure her that her problem will be fixed in a jiffy, then get on with the day.

Even with non-emergency job orders, a digital gps tracking system helps you see that your drivers are following the schedule and going to the right job at the right time. You’ll also know your paper work orders aren’t out of date, lost somewhere in a truck or covered in spilled coffee – all job orders are virtual making it easier to update.

Your field techs are able to focus on the job and the customer without worrying whether they have all the most updated details or critical info for the job order. Your customer gets service, faster. And you don’t have to play phone tag or do any last-minute scrambling to get work orders matched up with drivers.  

Now about that Bahamas cruise…

Before you sail off in the sunset, check out how Fleetmatics WORK can help prevent scheduling conflicts from keeping you up at night!

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Before you sail off into the sunset, learn how Fleetmatics WORK can help prevent schedule issues from keeping you up at night.