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Cleaning House: The Bad Habits in Your Fleet

Posted by Stacey Papp

Ideally, all business owners would have eyes in the back of their head, but in reality, it can be difficult to know which employees can be trusted. There are ways to get more clarity on which employees are reliable…and which might be in need of some extra supervision. 

Payroll and Mileage
Cross-referencing payroll for your drivers is made easier by running reports on their vehicle activity. Does paid time start once drivers leave the home office? As soon as they arrive at their first stop? As soon as they turn on the vehicle? Double checking vehicle activity gives you the most accurate summary of what you should actually be paying your drivers, not just what they’re logging. 

Using a route replay feature will help you to verify that your employees are taking the best routes to their destinations. Are drivers taking huge detours? Spending double or triple the amount of time they should be to arrive at their location? Are they making unauthorized stops before arriving to authorized stops? These unprofessional behaviors can be serious red flags so the sooner you can discover them, the better. 

Unauthorized Vehicle Use
Most businesses provide the vehicles necessary for their employees to work, but that’s your vehicle, so how can you guarantee it is being used appropriately? Drivers shouldn’t be going on fast food runs at 2:00 am in your vehicle, or taking 2 hour lunch breaks across town. Do technicians only work weekdays but vehicle activity keeps showing up on weekends? Those can become serious breaches of trust that need to be addressed. 

Saving locations and setting up alerts are two ways to notice or be notified of unauthorized vehicle use.  Some systems will actually make suggestions based on which locations are the most active, and users can actually see which drivers are arriving at what time, and how frequently. 

A lot of solutions will also allow users to set up alerts to be sent to their phones via text or even by email. These alerts provide a lot of flexibility for notification of:

    • Activity during unauthorized times (overnight and weekends)
    • Late starts
    • Arrivals, stops, etc. at particular locations
    • Idling and inactivity
    • Speeding and harsh driving

Driving Style/Speeding
Company vehicles are company assets, and should be treated as such. If drivers get into the habit of speeding excessively, they’re costing the company more in fuel. If they have unsafe habits that are hard on the vehicles, they’re costing the company more in maintenance. Overview dashboards can provide that high level, at a glance insight into who is going over the speed limit, or who might be taking their corners at unreasonable speeds. They can be organized by rankings, which can reveal who is above and beyond the norm, and who might just need some coaching here and there. 

Employees who end up costing you more than they should are a liability, and sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Are they worth the cost?” You can use telematics systems to discover unprofessional behavior, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide if an employee is valuable enough to coach, or if their shortcomings demonstrate that they’re not a fit for your company. 

Check out a few features showing how Fleetmatics can help provide coachable moments to those drivers in need.

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Learn about a few features showing how Fleetmatics can help provide coachable moments to those drivers in need.