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3 Ways Location Data Can Help Improve Customer Experience

Posted by Stacey Papp

The customer experience is often the greatest differentiator between service organizations. A person considering two HVAC companies, for example, might compare the technical capabilities of the two organizations, but he or she is more likely reading through reviews on Yelp! and Angie's List, and looking for themes in how other customers felt about the service. Excellent customer service will make you stand out from the pack as consumers evaluate their options.

Setting yourself apart from competitors depends on establishing practices that create a consistently excellent customer experience. Location data from Fleetmatics gives you the operational insights you need to improve client interactions through three key capabilities:

1. Clear Service Estimates
Have you ever called a company asking for help and been told that a driver will get to you sometime in the next two to four hours? You know you deserve better than that, and so do your customers. If you want to provide precise service time estimates you need visibility into where drivers are at all times.

Maps functionality built into location tracking systems lets you identify not only who is close to a customer, but exactly how long it should take the driver to get to a destination. With location data on hand, you can provide a clear service estimate, and build trust between you and the customer.

2. Faster Response Times
Responding to a customer emergency isn't always as simple as rerouting the driver who is closest to the customer. Sometimes you must shuffle multiple tasks between drivers to optimize service. You need easy visibility into your entire fleet when dealing with such complex workflows. With a vehicle tracking system you can:

●View the customer's location on a map relative to the location of your nearest drivers.
●View the job each driver is working on.
●Reroute the appropriate driver to the distressed customer, depending on priorities and proximity.
●Coordinate with other drivers to provide coverage for your emergency help.

This rapid-response workflow helps ensure that customers with urgent problems get the help they require as quickly as possible. It also lets you maintain ongoing client visits efficiently while drivers respond to emergencies.

3. More Efficient Drivers
Your drivers are ultimately the ones who create a great customer experience. The visibility provided by a GPS system can help you pin down exactly how your drivers operate, letting you adjust your business to create a better experience for clients. Some of the ways GPS tracking can help you achieve this goal include:

●Evaluate how long drivers take to reach destinations relative to the amount of time it should take based on traffic conditions.
●Identify if harsh driving is increasing vehicle problems, leading to delays reaching customers.
●Monitor where drivers travel and use that data to advise them to avoid restricted or dangerous areas. This lets you promote safety by ensuring drivers avoid any problem areas.
●Combine insights into vehicle locations and job-related info to empower dispatchers to make the best decisions at any given moment.

As you build processes that empower drivers to operate at their best, those employees will be better positioned to meet customer requirements.

Once you've established operations around improving driver efficiency, you can use tracking data to identify and reward your best drivers, reinforcing an internal culture of excellence. All of these advances create a sustainable model for high-quality work, something that will directly impact customer interactions.

Internal Visibility Fuels Customer Trust
Ultimately, you want to build a reputation for being a company that puts customer needs first. Members of your community should call you for help instead of a competitor because they know you'll be able to tackle their issues efficiently. 

Location tracking data and performance metrics give you the information you need to help optimize your processes around the customer experience. This lets you maintain a culture of excellence among your drivers and ensure your everyday practices align with client demands.

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Visit us for more information on how a GPS vehicle tracking solution can boost your customer service.