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Help Your Drivers Avoid Temptation with Better Fleet Visbility

Posted by Stacey Papp

Giving in to temptation is just a part of human nature. Think of the famous Stanford Marshmallow Test, in which children were left alone with one of the fluffy white treats. If they resisted eating it for 15 minutes, they were told, they’d receive a reward — two marshmallows. About a third of the kids gave in and ate the lone sweet while the researchers left them to their own devices, even despite the promise of a bigger haul if they held out.

Willpower, of course (we hope), gets stronger as we age. Most adults wouldn’t have a problem staring down a marshmallow in the hopes of getting two. (In fact, the majority would probably leave and wonder why they were even bothering to wait when they could buy a whole bag of their own.)

Temptations change, though, as we get older. Maybe it’s wanting to leave work five minutes early at the end of a beautiful spring day. Perhaps it’s using the company credit card to get a cup of coffee when you had to start the day extra early. Both are small and fairly harmless things, to be sure. But when you’re running a business, small employee actions can add up.

When your drivers are out in the field, the majority of the time they’re doing their job perfectly, even though you can’t see them. You can trust that they’re doing their job well and following company policy. There’s that part of the time, however, when even the most reliable employees’ willpower might falter and they need a little reminder of how to do their jobs even better.

That’s where visibility into your fleet’s activities can help you take good drivers and help them become great employees — and Fleetmatics mobile app with driver monitoring can help you achieve that. Here’s how.

Send and receive job details in real time. By using the app, you can easily keep track of who’s doing which job and when they complete it. That helps your business run more efficiently because you never have to wonder where your drivers are — especially if they spend company time idling each morning while they drink their first cup of coffee. You can simply look at your smartphone and decide when breaks and idling are warranted and when they’ve crossed the line.

Communicate efficiently. Everyone loves to text — and it’s a very quick way to stay in touch with employees in the field. In many cases, it’s even quicker than a phone call. (Common sense alert: they shouldn’t be doing either, of course, if they’re actually behind the wheel!) This will help you build relationships with your drivers. They’ll feel more comfortable coming to you with questions and concerns — and you’ll get a better performance out of them.

Track when they clock in and out.

With the app's driver monitoring system, you’ve got a crystal-clear picture of when your drivers finish each job, as well as where they are on the road. So when they clock out — which they can also do remotely — you’ll know if the hours they’re claiming make sense. There’s no more guesswork about how they spent their day.

Gaining visibility into your fleet will not only help you better manage your drivers’ activities, but it will also give you peace of mind. Everyone wants a clear view of their business. It’s just human nature.

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Curious about how Fleetmatics mobile app can keep the trust level in your business high? Be curious no more and pay us a visit!