GPS Tracking Technologies Makes It a Wonderful Life

Posted by Stacey Papp

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but we can all celebrate Christmas movies – the good, the bad, the extremely cheesy and even the R-rated (“Bad Santa,” anyone?). 

That said, every movie has a point where you say, “If only they had X or did Y, the problem would be solved!” And so we present to your four classic Christmas movies that could have been different had the characters been able to harness the capabilities of GPS tracking technology

“A Christmas Story”: In one of the film’s many fiascos, the family car breaks down on the way home from the Christmas tree lot. The Old Man gets out of the car and makes Ralphie help change the tire. Ralphie lets slip an F-bomb and gets his mouth washed out with soap.

If that ’37 Olds had GPS vehicle tracking installed, the Old Man would have had automatic alerts set to remind him when key maintenance was due, according to vehicle mileage, hours of use or date of last repair. If the tire blew because it was old, he could have set up an alert the last time he put new tires on and would have seen that it was not safe to drive on.

“It’s A Wonderful Life”: George Bailey’s Uncle Billy goes to the bank to deposit $8,000 of the family loan business’s money, but absent-mindedly wraps it in a newspaper and hands it to bad-guy banker Henry F. Potter. Potter, knowing that the loss of the building and loan funds means ruin for the business, hides the money. When Billy and George can’t find the money, George takes out his frustration and despair on his family and then ends up contemplating suicide.

If the family business had the capabilities of fleet tracking software, George would have an easier time keeping track of his assets – he’d instantly be able to see where the business was spending money or taking it in over any period of time, and run reports on any metric he needed. The business also might not be skating on such thin ice, either, because he’d be able see where they could create efficiencies and save coin, using the software’s dashboard and reporting functions.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”:
If you haven’t seen this stop-motion classic from the ‘60s, you’re seriously missing out – but if not, you’re probably familiar with the song it’s based on. Long story short: Rudolph goes from zero to hero when his high-wattage red nose – which previously made him a freak of reindeer nature – means Santa’s sleigh can still navigate through bad weather, saving Christmas.

Sorry, Rudolph, but if Santa was using GPS fleet tracking, he’d be able to navigate with or without a bright-nosed reindeer – he’d be able to always find the best route based on near real-time data, and Mrs. Claus, as dispatcher, would be able to watch his route on a digital dashboard from the relative comfort of the North Pole. 

“Die Hard”: What, are you surprised this made the cut on a list of classic Christmas movies? Well, such esteemed publications as “Empire,” “Forbes” and “San Francisco Gate” have ranked this as the all-time best Christmas movie, and “Entertainment Weekly” also is a fan. EW says, at its core, the film is about a dad trying to make it home for the holidays, and we agree: It’s a heart-warming tale.

There’s one part of the movie where fleet tracking software’s capabilities could have come in: When the LAPD officer arrives at the corporation to investigate reports of gunfire, he’s fooled by one of the bad guys, Eddie, who has disguised himself as a security guard by changing clothes with the murdered guard. 

Eddie changing his clothes and confusing the law isn’t that far removed from a driver changing vehicles and making it confusing for management to see what he or she did in each one. But with GPS fleet tracking software, even a driver changing vehicles won’t mean you have an incomplete picture of driving behaviors. 

Every driver gets a unique key fob, and a key reader is installed on each vehicle’s dash, along with the GPS tracking unit. Every time a vehicle is turned on, the driver swipes his or her fob into the key reader and the trip is then tied to their unique ID. Even if a driver changes vehicles multiple times in a day or week, their driver behavior is tracked, giving full visibility on what he or she does behind the wheel in any company vehicle. 

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