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GPS Tracking Isn’t Just for Fleets, It’s for Animals, Too!

Posted by Stacey Papp

Let’s set the record straight – we love to talk about GPS vehicle tracking! And while businesses with fleets in any industry benefit from knowing where their trucks are and driver’s behavior behind the wheel, they aren’t the only things that benefit from some good old GPS tracking. 

Enter the animal kingdom. Thousands and thousands of species of animals walk our planet every day. And while some are cute and others are scary, tracking their behaviors can help further science to protect some of the world’s most endangered species. Here are a few of our favorites…

The scientists at OCEARCH have spent the past few years attaching GPS trackers to over 50 sharks around the world with the hopes to better understand their hunting, feeding and migrating behaviors. Interested? Head on over to their website to track the movements of one of nature’s greatest predators in near real-time but be prepared to lose the rest of your afternoon – and hear the Jaws music on repeat in your head!

Not a fan of sharks? No worries – tracking the kings of the ocean isn’t for anyone (unless you love Shark Week, which we do). But what about the kings of the jungle? Researchers at Living with Lions have long been plotting the movements of lions throughout Africa to monitor the effect of human activities in their natural habitat. Thanks to their new Cat Map website, you can keep an eye on Simba and the gang!

From the dry heat of the Serengeti to the frigid cold of the Arctic, researchers around the world are using GPS collars to enhance our understanding of the animal kingdom. The WWF uses trackers to keep an eye on how polar bears act in the wild – a feat which would essentially be impossible without GPS due to the animal’s remote habitat. Luckily for us, we can keep an eye on the furry creatures from the warmth (and safety) of our own home.

Don’t think for one second that GPS tracking is only being used to look out for the giants of the natural world. Thanks to rapid advancements in GPS technology, scientists are now able to track the lives of bees through the use of any GPS tracking “backpack”. Unfortunately, there is no bee tracker website that we know of so if you want to track these swarmer’s, you’ll have to head outside – just don’t get stung!

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