Show Old Man Winter Who’s Boss with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Posted by Stacey Papp

People who live in colder climates are just about at the point where they’ve turned from thinking the winter snow is pretty/romantic/seasonal/magical to thinking it’s hellish/endless/miserable/punishment for misdeeds in a past life. 

But it could always be worse, right? If you’ve ever seen the movie “Snowpiercer,” you have to admit they had it pretty bad. The winter never ends in that movie, because it’s the next ice age, and worse, what remains of humanity is trapped on a train that endlessly circles the globe. If you’ve ever commuted to work on public transit, this is basically your worst nightmare: stuffed in cheek-by-jowl with a few hundred other people (some of whom may not have seen a shower in a few days, both in the movie and in real life) on a hot, stuffy train.  

We’re not saying you can’t be grouchy about the weather, of course – and this time of year can be particularly tough for companies that need to drive in the elements to make money. But there are tools to help make this a little less annoying. 

GPS fleet vehicle tracking software
can help cut costs by giving fleet managers visibility into fuel usage, idle time and aggressive driving, letting them nip any issues in the bud before they turn into a big, expensive problem. It helps boost safety, too: You can see in near real time if someone is driving too fast or braking aggressively, and correct these actions before they turn into accidents. 

Plus, if a driver breaks down somewhere in a blizzard, the real-time tracking ability of GPS software means that they will know their exact location, even in whiteout conditions, so they can be rescued sooner.

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But those breakdowns are much less likely with GPS fleet tracking software, which keeps track of maintenance schedules for each individual vehicle, and shoots you a digital reminder to stay on that proactive maintenance. You can set your own alerts, too, based on engine on-time, mileage or service dates. It tracks engine diagnostics and sends an alert if a vehicle throws a code, helping to prevent breakdowns. The software can even integrate with your work calendars, so the alerts pop up within a program you’re already using to manage your time.

It has some pretty sweet benefits for the drivers, too. Techs get info about job location, details about the job order and the fastest way to get there, no matter how gnarly the weather is. GPS vehicle tracking lets them plan routes using up-to-the-minute data, so drivers can choose the fastest route in any type of weather and can work around any road closures or accidents, so jobs still get filled on time. Plus, they’ll never have to guess where they’re going or get lost, even if they’re driving in a part of town they don’t know.

So even when the weather takes a bad turn, your drivers don't have to when you have GPS vehicle tracking on your side. Schedule a test drive today.  

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