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A Greener Business for a Greener Wallet

Posted by Stacey Papp

“Going green.” It seems like just another trendy phrase these days, but environmentally friendly business practices can have a tangible impact on your bottom line. Below are five tips that can help your business keep up with industry trends, as well as maintain that friendship with your wallet. 

Tip # 1: Go Paperless
Take a moment to think about all the costs associated with using paper…ink; filing supplies; equipment (copiers, printers, etc.) and their maintenance; the paper itself! How many reams have to be kept on hand? How much money and space have you spent on the storage of paper and paper accessories? What about the labor costs of managing paper? Searching for files, re-creating lost data, double entries, making copies, all of which can be easier and faster through paperless means. 

Switching to a paperless system not only cuts down on landfill contribution and paper waste, it can help cut down on your costs, while increasing efficiency and revenue. That’s a win-win in the truest sense!  

Tip # 2: Efficient Routing and Scheduling
Once you’ve taken your routing and scheduling into the digital realm, you can focus on creating the most economical (and eco-friendly) routes. With the assistance of a routing program you can help eliminate redundancies, reduce wear on vehicles, and even improve customer service. 

Dispatchers and schedulers can stop creating route sheets by hand, and will be able to adjust routes in real-time. More streamlined dispatching will help keep the drivers from driving out of their way, or doubling back over the same route. Employees will spend less time driving, and more time working. You could see huge increases in productivity! Think of the savings you’ll see on fuel, labor, and CO2 output when you make the most of that time spent on the road. 

Tip # 3: Increased Fuel Efficiency
There are quick and easy ways to increase fuel efficiency in your vehicles. According to, simply keeping your tires at the right pressure can cut fuel consumption by up to 3.3%.* Regular maintenance, like keeping air filters clean and the engine properly tuned, can reduce drag and slow down fuel usage. 

You can also focus on identifying and cutting down on poor driving habits. Coaching your drivers to ease up on the accelerator will help save you money on fuel and maintenance. The environment will also thank you for cutting down on emissions and fuel consumption.

Tip # 4: Cut Down on Idling
We’ve all sat in the car and listened to the radio at some point, but do any of your drivers keep the vehicle running during that time? Do any of your drivers idle for 10 minutes while they let their vehicle warm up? According to the Green Action Centre, today’s vehicles actually warm up more quickly when you ease into driving, rather than sitting and waiting*.  Turning the key to Accessory Mode (rather than turning the engine on) will allow you to listen to the radio without wasting fuel and money. 

Tip # 5: Track Your Business’s Carbon Footprint 
For all we know, there may be a requirement to track your business’s carbon footprint in the future, so why not start collecting data now? See the imprint your business is having on the world around you, and see the correlation to your fuel costs and business expenses. 

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About the Author: Kylee Raney is a Fleet Optimization Consultant at Fleetmatics. In her role, she helps customers and business owners understand and utilize Fleetmatics to improve business practices. She also has the loudest sneeze in the office and is well-known for mooching any free food. In her spare time, she enjoys bargain hunting and side hustles, writing children’s books, and creating costumes for her freelance Princessing. 

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Learn more about how Fleetmatics can help reduce costs and increase your bottom line.