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Are Your Drivers Really Working Those Hours? How To Keep 'Em Honest

Posted by Stacey Papp

Everyone feels extra patriotic at this time of year, when we have Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day all in a row. Even Budweiser is getting into the spirit of things. Anyway, back to patriotism. This is also the time of the year when elementary-age school children learn about the American presidents, and often they are given the cutesy versions of history, such as the legendary story of a young George Washington and the cherry tree.

For those of you who have been residing under a rock, the story goes something like this: For some bizarre reason, someone gives a six-year-old a hatchet as a gift, and wee Georgie takes his brand-new toy to one of his father’s prized cherry trees, effectively killing it. 

When his angry dad – possibly America’s first documented tree-hugger – confronts him, six-year-old GW bravely confesses, saying, “I cannot tell a lie.” Instead of punishing his son, his father embraces him, saying that his honesty is worth more than 1,000 trees.

This story, of course, is a complete fabrication by one of Washington’s first biographers, intended to prove that the Father of our Country basically came out of the womb an honorable, truthful man, and also to show children the value of honesty. (Although anyone who has ever tried a similar tactic of “honesty is the best policy” on an irate parent knows that you usually don’t get off so easily.)
While the story makes a great case for the virtue of honesty, the truth is, not all of us are quite as incorruptible as our revered first president. 

For example, while your drivers likely would never directly lie to you or intentionally jip you out of money, they might not see any harm in taking a longer lunch after a tough morning, or dropping off their truck and sneaking out a little early on a sunny Friday – even though this costs the business money.

But you can’t be in 100 places at once, following your drivers around like Inspector Clouseau to catch them clocking out early or padding their OT to make a few extra bucks. You do have options, however.

A fleet tracking system gives owners and operators the ability to see, on an interactive digital dashboard, all vehicle and driver activity, meaning you can check on a trip from start to finish – catching any early finishes, long or unplanned stops, or excessive idling on a driving log.

You can look up any date in a given pay period and the system will show you where the driver was, how long he or she was there, and when he or she left – helping to eliminate any questions around hours actually worked. This driving log solution is especially helpful during busy times when drivers may be working overtime, which, as any business owner knows, is worth paying people extra for only if the business is actually still making money. Even if a driver changes vehicles for whatever reason, you’ll still get a clear picture of their driving behavior through a key fob monitoring system.

Most likely, if your drivers know they’re being constantly tracked just as a matter of procedure, you won’t have to worry much about any timesheet tomfoolery or overtime outlandishness – the mere presence of the system itself can be enough to keep them honest. But just in case they aren’t, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if a question should ever arise, a few clicks of a button will pull up the truth – no need to get out your hatchet. 

Check out the additional benefits of using a GPS vehicle tracking solution and keep your fleet running smart and efficient. 

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Learn about the additional benefits of using a GPS vehicle tracking solution and keep your fleet running smart and efficient.