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4 Reasons to Love GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Posted by Stacey Papp

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day for happy hearts everywhere to celebrate their loved ones and shower them with affection, greeting cards, and chocolate (our favorite)! Amidst a sea of pink and red, this day is reserved for celebrating the things we love – like movies, food, and music. But what about telematics? If you are currently using a GPS tracking solution, you likely have a few features you can’t live without. And if you’re not, here are a few features we think will send your heart aflutter. 

L is for Live Map
Having visibility into driver and vehicle location is a sweet treat you should have every single day. Serious peace of mind can be gained when you have the ability to watch any trip from start-up to shut down no matter where you are. With Fleetmatics, you have insight into a world where early starts and finishes, after-hours activity, long stops, excessive idling, harsh driving, and speeding events become obvious – with just a few clicks. Now you can spend time focusing on other things…like eating those Reese’s Peanut Butter hearts in your desk drawer!

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O is for Organize Your Business
Spending time with loved ones is often the first priority for folks celebrating this holiday. That’s hard to do if you’re tied to a desk, sifting through endless mounds of paperwork late into the night. To help you save time and preserve your patience, consider bringing Fleetmatics WORK  into your business. This field service technology helps keep your schedules, quotes, invoices, and crucial customer information in one location – in the cloud – so it’s available to you anytime, anywhere. No more being stuck at the office and missing those dinner reservations or family time!

V is for Validate Payroll
‘Tis the holiday for paper hearts! While paper is a great necessity for many things, it’s not the best when it comes to manual time sheets and employee hour tracking. Spending precious time validating time entries and unraveling payroll issues can be a real energy drainer – and you’re going to need that energy for your marathon watching session of romantic comedies on the Hallmark Channel. Fleetmatics fleet tracking solution  helps address issues like time sheet fraud and high overtime costs, helping you take the guesswork out of who gets paid how much and for what. 

E is for Environmental Impact
There’s no doubt you have multiple vehicles out on the road on any given day traveling to and from various locations. For all the great work you are doing, you’ve probably wondered how your business is impacting the environment. Fleetmatics makes sustainable fleet management possible by giving you insight into and control over how your vehicles are dispatched, driven and maintained. Add on top of that fuel consumption monitoring and you have yourself a recipe for success to easily becoming a ‘green’ business. 

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