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New Year...New Business Goals

Posted by Stacey Papp

It’s a new year and once again most of us have compiled a list of resolutions we would like to accomplish like lose weight, eat healthier, volunteer and spend more time with family. While setting personal goals are always important, what about the things you would like to accomplish in your business? It is easy to lose sight of long term business plans living a hectic day-to-day schedule as small business owner. So in order to keep those goals in close reach and never too far from mind, check out our top business resolutions that you can achieve this year! 

1. Generate More Revenue:
It goes without saying that everyone would like to make more money. According to the 2014 FleetBeat Report, on average, Fleetmatics customers increased fleet utilization by nearly 15%*. This was calculated by comparing the count of active vehicles in most of our customers’ fleets during the initial month of implementing fleet management software versus the time at which we analyzed the data (November & December 2013).* Whether it be in in fuel savings, eliminating unnecessary overtime, reducing labor costs, increasing productivity or reducing late vehicle maintenance, the outcome is ultimately the same – more money in the piggy bank. 

2. Spend Less Time in the Office:
Everyone has those days when it seems as if you’ll never get out of the office. Bogged down with paperwork, payroll paperwork, customer calls, invoice processing, scheduling and the list goes on. Fleetmatics software and native mobile phone app are designed with you in mind to keep things quick, user-friendly and simple. You can easily navigate through the clerical side of your business to help you better organize, manage and keep track of your employees, current customers and upcoming jobs.

3. Improve Customer Service: Customer satisfaction is huge part of expanding your customer base. Retaining, as well as, building new customers is at the top of the list for business owners. Fleetmatics solutions help show customers when a service occurred; accurate job time for billing purposes; when a potential delivery is going to arrive; and other attributes that help set us apart from the competition.

4. Empower Employees
: No employee likes to have their employer hovering his or her shoulders watching their every move, just as much as employers don’t like to handhold their staff. Fleetmatics allows your employees to understand their own metrics.  With our Driver App, employees can see areas that they do well in and how they compare with everyone else in the company. Competition can be beneficial considering everyone wants to be the best at what they do.

5. Grow your Business
: Fleetmatics software is a robust solution that will not only allow you to take control over your business but also help expand and cultivate your clientele as well as take on more jobs. Increased productivity through faster response times, database organization and networking are all areas in which current Fleetmatics customers have improved and expanded their business.

Having total control and visibility over your business is something that every business owner strives for. Being able to easily take that control and oversee more routine aspects will not only allow you to feel like you are the owner in charge but will help you find an effective and vigorous way to be successful!

About the Author: Kelsey is a Regional Account Manager for Fleetmatics servicing small to medium-sized businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a lover of the outdoors, cooking, music, animals, and traveling. Her definition of happiness is swimming with fish in the crystal clear waters of the Virgin Islands (her native hometown), yoga, hiking, bonfires with friends, bike rides, and cooking for others.

*Source: FleetBeat Report 2014

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