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Motor-vation: Do You Know What's Driving Your Drivers?

Posted by Stacey Papp

As a business owner and likely the manager of a fleet, how do you motivate your drivers to consistently deliver excellent customer service while performing at their best? Have you ever asked yourself how you can incentivize your drivers to improve performance? If you can engage with your drivers in a positive manner, you’re on the right track to boosting the performance of your drivers and ultimately your business. Check out a few ways to help make that happen…

1. Reward
Everyone loves a good competition…and a reward. Creating dashboards and scorecards on business-critical metrics such as fuel efficiency, speeding occurrences and harsh driving events – think stomping on the brakes, gassing the buddle or hurdling around corners – can help encourage a little healthy competition between drivers. Adding in a competitive element to your fleet will help increase performance levels which may ultimately result in heightened productivity and enhanced customer service. In addition, seeing a decrease in negative behaviors can lead to a positive increase in savings…and a happy bottom line. 

2. Recognition
Recognition of a driver’s performance can also go a long way to making them feel valued. Whether this feedback is given to the driver during an annual review, a team meeting or even mentioned in your company’s internal communication methods – think newsletters, bulletin boards or weekly ‘what’s up’ emails – your drivers will feel appreciated and know their efforts aren’t being taken for granted.

3. Technology
Using technology to give drivers teal-time feedback on their achievements can create a sense of accomplishment. Drivers can use modern technology – that’s right, we’re talking about an app – to access their performance metrics from a mobile device which keeps them in-the-know of their current results and any improvements they could make to increase their performance…in a safe manner, of course.

4. Education
Organizing driver training courses designed especially for businesses with fleets can help your business as well as your drivers. Knowledge and skill levels may improve and drivers may feel invested. Even better, your business will likely benefit since better driving leads to better driving…we’re talking lower insurance premiums, claims, fuel cost and vehicle wear tear. A win-win for everyone!

5. Communication
Keeping the lines of communication open between the drivers behind the wheel and your employees in the office can really pay off. A better connected workforce will lead to more engagement within the company as a whole. Be sure to do everything you can to make sure the right people are receiving the right information they need to succeed.

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Want more info on the power of driver centricity and how you can reward your drivers? Check out this article!