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4 Tips to Use Customer Feedback to Your Advantage

Posted by Stacey Papp

Customer feedback is essential for businesses to succeed and there is no better way to find out what you can do to make your customers happy. However you choose to collect it – surveys, social media, feedback forms – the insight this information provides can present a wide variety of opportunities to improve your processes and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. Check out four tips from Fleetmatics on how to best use customer feedback to get you started.

1. Update or improve your products/services

So you’ve reached out to customers to collect feedback…but what do you do with it once it’s in hand? Having a system, whether an Excel spreadsheet or web-based tracking tool, will help you be able to collection as much information on individual issues as possible. Be sure to get as many details about each issue as possible – this is one of the keys to finding a remedy quickly and efficiently. This allows you to take in the feedback, revisit your products or services and identify areas that could use a tweak or two.

2. Share feedback throughout your business

Customer feedback is great but let’s face it, it has the potential to hit a dead end. Depending on the methods you use to collect feedback, it is crucial to make sure all issues get escalated to the right person and they see it through until a resolution is reached. 

To make sure products, services or processes are continually on the improvement track, it is important that all feedback is received by the intended audience – if a customer has challenges about the payment process, make sure your billing or finance departments are made aware. Getting feedback – both good and bad – to the right people at the right time can only help your customer service improve.

3. Improve staff knowledge

By putting an ear to the ground and keeping track of the repeat questions your customers ask, you will help ensure that your staff are equipped to deal with questions and deliver accurate, timely responses. For example, if a few customers have called in experiencing problems with setting up an account, make sure you debrief the team that handles those types of inquiries. Having fully trained staff who are well-versed in the issues that plague customers most will help make what seems like an unsolvable problem, solvable.

4. Make your customers feel valued

By asking for and listening to customer feedback, you are letting your customers know how much you value their input regarding your business and the services or products it provides. If you decide to make any business improvements based on your customer’s opinions, be sure to let them know and thank them for taking the time to provide insight – that kind of gratitude speaks volumes!

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For more tips on how customer info can help your business, check out our customer service blogs!