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Crave More Visibility? Field Service Management to the Rescue!

Posted by Stacey Papp

Running your own business is nothing if not stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Stress can come from mismanagement or simply a lack of information. With a field service management app, you can stop guessing whether or not your workers are on task, whether they’ve accepted that new job, or if you’ve gotten paid. Work smarter, not harder, and reap the benefits of being the best in your field.

Not clear on what your team is doing, or even where they are? Shed some light on the situation. With a field service management app, you can get instant updates as to employee location and job status. You can send your workers job details and receive confirmation when they accept new jobs. When they update the customer details or job information in the field, you’ll see it back at the office, and you’ll even see when they’ve completed the job.

With a field service management app, you’ll also be better prepared to handle new or changing jobs. You’ll be able to easily view and update employees’ schedules to find availabilities. Did your 3:00 cancel? No problem. Easily reschedule, and adjust your employee’s calendars to accommodate. Send them notifications so they know where to go next and keep everything on track.

On the other hand, all of these stresses pale in comparison to the almighty dollar. Money is the number one cause of job-related stress. Don’t know if you are getting paid for everything? Nothing hurts more than working for free. With a field service management app like Fleetmatics WORK, field workers can record payments at the job site, and have the account updated in the back office at the touch of a button. You’ll be able to review quotes and questions with the customers on the job, then send an invoice by e-mail on the spot. Back at the office, you can check the app to see if the account has been invoiced, so you know you’re getting paid - and getting paid FASTER. Fleetmatics WORK has integrations with most of the popular back-office accounting suites, so you can cut out double data entry. Quote, invoice, and get paid all in one day, from one easy-to-use app. 

A field service management app can help you to get better visibility over your business processes and get rid of the accompanied stress. It’s time to take back your business and know how it’s running, all in real time. Most companies end up working harder, not smarter, because they fail to take advantage of opportunities. Be the company that starts working smarter by implementing one of the best field service management applications available in Fleetmatics WORK. 

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