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Deep South Equipment Makes a Seamless Switch to Fleetmatics

Posted by Stacey Papp

No matter how many vehicles you may have in your fleet, changing vendors for anything from printer ink to telematics can be filled with challenges and headaches. Add up all that time spent managing and coaching a new provider and you have yourself a second full-time job. But this was not the case for Deep South Equipment.

Located in Shreveport, Louisiana with a fleet of 450 vehicles, Deep South Equipment provides industrial equipment to customers in the lumber, paper and warehousing industries. Even though Deep South had a current GPS fleet tracking provider in place, they began recognizing problems; crucial questions were going unanswered and confusing contracts began plaguing them – all of which are catalysts for change. And change is what they did.

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“The Fleetmatics support team was just fantastic and made the switch much easier than I ever imagined. I felt like I wasn’t doing it by myself,” says Laura Terry, Marketing Manager for Deep South Equipment.

In addition to making the switch as easy and painless as possible, Fleetmatics helped Deep South in a few other key areas: 

• Seamless switching from current provider to Fleetmatics
• Improved dispatching, fuel efficiency and driver safety monitoring
• Accurately track equipment hours of use for precise customer billing
• Lowered insurance carrier rates for those vehicles installed with Fleetmatics

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