Worker Safety

How to Effectively Manage Worker Safety

Posted by Stacey Papp

We teach our children to wear helmets when they ride their bikes and to have someone watching if they want to climb a tall tree or ladder. Do we also encourage safety with our workers? If work safety isn’t a priority to your business, it needs to be. Your field works are not just valuable assets, they’re also human beings. Their health and safety should be important at all times. Don’t worry if it hasn’t been a focus in the past—getting started is easier than you may think. 

The first key to safety is being able to spot hazards. All sorts of things can cause harm to your employees, from tools that can cause cuts and abrasions, to hazardous materials such as chlorine or acid. Even the environment can be a hazard – live wires protruding from walls, loose tree limbs hanging in the way of your work, even unfriendly pets or wildlife. 

With Fleetmatics WORK, you can capture photos of safety hazards that you discover and attach them to your customer record. Being informed will better enable you to determine how to move forward with the current project and future projects at the same site.  The platform will keep a history of job notes and locations, helping to highlight safety concerns for other employees who may visit the site at a later date.

Make sure your employees know how important safety is by providing training sessions when they are first employed and then refresher sessions for the entire team. By running ‘how to improve job safety’ sessions you are showing your staff that you are serious about their health and well-being and that you don’t want them to be working in unsafe conditions. A 30-minute safety, rules, and procedure session can save a lot of time and struggle, and can even save a life. 

Don’t just say you’re committed to safety, do it! Show your employees that you care about them and how they impact your success as a business. An injured staff member is a cost to the business in lost revenue and insurance claims. Further, will you be able to cope with work demands when you’re a person down? Use software like Fleetmatics WORK to spot and record safety concerns, keeping your people safe and in the know so they can get the job done.  Communicate your plans to the workforce as a whole.

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